Cubase 11 + M1 + OS11 Mac

Hey Steinberg, the least you can do, is allow Cubasis to run on MAC M1
Cubase 11 doesn’t - not available - Steinberg have blocked it

Hi, I just got my M1 MacBook, mainly for testing purposes, so of course Cubase is on the list to be tested. Just upped Big Sur to 11.1 and the screens turned from being black to a very colorful pink. I kind of expected it and I‘m willing to practice some patience on that machine.
Now I‘ve seen some reporting 10.5 (Cubase) runs quite well on Big Sur 11.1. Can anybody confirm that information? And if so, could I just download and use version 10.5 with my freshly purchased version 11 Elements license?

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i’m gutted that 11 doesn’t even run on Rosetta, whilst literally every other daw works absolutely perfectly.

However, 10.5 works fine. After setting up all my plugins, it seems like everything is working great. i can open 200+ Tracks Sessions with 300+ Plugins just fine. I don’t expect Steinberg to release a M1 Version of Cubase, and frankly i’m not interested in one, because i’d rather have the DAW be running on Rosetta incl. all Plugins that will run “natively” within rosetta-cubase, rather than having a native M1 Version of Cubase and have Rosetta emulate 90% of my plugins, which will be a big problem 4 sure.

So yeah, 10.5 works absolutely fine!!!

I confirm the problem with cubase 11 and i confort. That 10.5 works withiout Any problem

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If Steinberg wants to have also Mac clients it haș to release native app for it. In maximum 2 years all the Apple computer will have the M processor.

Just guessing, but I think Steinberg is probably on it…

I confirm problem(M1+BigSur 11.1 +Cubase11=pink window). (((

I confirm problem(M1+BigSur+Cubase11=pink window). (((

I confirm problem(M1+BigSur+Cubase11=black Window)

Hopefully Steinberg will issue patch ASAP

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ehi there, I wrote to steinberg customer service they told me to watch this page: -macOS-Big-Sur-and-Apple-Silicon-product-compatibility

I want to buy a minimac with M1 and I wanto to be sure that my ur44 is ok with that, now it’s now, but I think sooner the will fix the issue.

Bye guys

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Cubase 10.5 works with M1, the Ur44 does not.

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Just tested Cubase 11 on the latest MacOS Big Sur 11.2 Beta 2. Same issues with purple/pink windows


I just tested the latest Steinberg usb driver but the soundcard is still unrecognizable.

cubase 11 does not work in the m1 at the moment that is clear
how long does it usually take for steinberg to fix these problems?
for all this time I suppose it will be native to the m1 processor

They just upgraded Steinberg USB Driver 2.0.5 for macOS Catalina (was released in 2019) so they are pretty fast :joy:

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But they didn’t update any issues at all
Bluetooth issues continue I’m afraid

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I don’t know about any Bluetooth issues, I was not able to hook the UR28M on Mac not even once in 5 years

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