Cubase 12.0.50 maintenance update now available

Those settings don’t affect the channel meters.

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Thanks for the reply. The point is that I don’t see the changes being applied on both metering and colour scheme.

Basically I was expecting the mixer channels to have the same scale and colour scheme as the meter on right tab.
Can somebody tell if already faced same issue and how to overcome it. Or this is a known and reported bug?


look again at my pic, you need to select the one that says ‘Channel Meter’ in the scale box to change the colour of the channel mixers.


Thanks, I’ve got it now :wink:
Personnaly I would like to have the channels metering reflecting the same meter as the one on right tab instead of been locked on the +3b digital scale and juggling around with the colours of it…
And the meter on right tab is the master one…

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Guys. Metering colours has been broken for a long time - do a search.

But in the two topics you linked, the given solution is to select the right meter scale in the selection box to set its corresponding colors… The same answer was given by @SurrealistBunny a few posts above in this current thread, screenshots included. It’s in no way broken, but simply a user mistake.


Try it - its broken! At least on Mac.

The right hand master meter works OK - although you can no longer set your scale / colours like you could when this was available from within the main preferences cabs in C11

You CANNOT however get a channel preset to work from within the main preferences tab - choose what you like from the dropdown menu, but you’ll always get the +3db Digital (Channel Meter).

All the other options DO NOT work. So no K metering, VU metering, LUFS etc in the channel meters.

The only thing you can currently do is edit that +3db Digital meter preset to show different colours.

As explained in the posts you linked to, that preference screen is not setting the channel default, it’s purely a selector to change which meter you’re changing the format of.

To set what meter type is used you can only change the right meter type. Channel strips are fixed to +3 Digital scale, and always have been as long as I’ve used Cubase.

It was previously just “Channel” and “Master” colour schemes which is probably what causes the confusion when people say it’s broken(?):

Obviously you can set up colouring to create your own db zones to suit, the only difference to the old method is you can have many metering types on the master/right now, hence why there’s a selector within the preferences screen.


Install 12.0.50 from 12.0.30.

  • Noticed more CPU usage on project used to be light.
  • My control Room settings sundelly disapeared, thats p@#% me off
    No improvements. Regrets of updating.

Been using .0.50 from the day it was released, started with a C12 project, didn’t notice any difference in ASIO performance but i started a new project with Halion 6 only and i normally struggle to use a lot of slots at the moment on my old machine BUT so far with 0.50 im using 9 slots with their own midi tracks which is pretty remarkable for my old machine and the ASIO meter is still on 1/4 . Splendid stuff , now all you need to do is fix this stupid remote app (gimmik),programmers toy , if you want to get rid of the generic remote you had better make sure that at least your own hardware can work with this time consuming nonsense . 4 controllers tried and NON worked as expected so please DO NOT GET RID OF THE GENERIC REMOTE … IM NOT A PROGRAMMER …IM A MUSICIAN !

There is a Cubase 12.0.51 hotfix now:

What’s new?

November 22, 2022 – The 12.0.51 maintenance update is now available. We have received reports about issues with ADM exports and decided to release an immediate hot fix.

Please find all details below.

The update is immediately available for download via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

We have improved the following features and functionality:

Dolby Atmos

Multi-objects with LFE signals in their source tracks are now exported in ADM files as expected.

MIDI Remote

The MIDI Remote API functions “makeRepeating” for action- and command-bindings and the callback “mOnChangePluginIdentity” for host objects accessing insert-, strip-, or instrument-plugins are now working as expected.


We have improved the automatic replacement of plug-ins in older projects when newer plug-in generations are available.

not at all clear what that means

both cubase and nuendo 12.0.51 updates are available on both SDA and the web

True. It would have been nice knowing a little more about how this affects users. One of the latest updates of the VST3 SDK added new features for developers related to that, so it could be it.

possibly ?

The SDK change was about ‘alternative’ UID I think ?

But these kind of undocumented changes are a little worrying, considering how many recent changes have actually broken things.

and why release that as part of a ‘hotfix’ ? Was it broken before and needed ‘emergency fixes’ ?

Maybe it was just ready for deployment so, “why not?”

I guess so. The same for the MIDI Remote API fix. I wish they made more of these hot fixes instead of waiting months for a bigger update.

This might be the new paradigm since we aren’t doing .5 versions anymore.

Atmos bug was pretty critical for those working in Nuendo. Great to see SB pushing out a hotfix though, shame it couldn’t be done for more trivial annoyances such as the MIDI events being misaligned, but I get the levels of severity at play here.

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