Cubase 12.0.52 - Macbook M1 Pro - Screen glitches

Got a new macbook this week, and so not used previous versions of Cubase with it.

Just been using the latest version of Cubase and I get screen glitches when I move the mouse over the transport bar at the bottom of the screen, particularly if I move across stop/play/record horizontally back and forth.

Completely vanilla install on 16" 10/16. And seems to occur when a plugin is open (Groove Agent SE, or HALion SE for example)

Anyone else seeing this?

Not on macs anymore but I remember there was maybe a Hi-DPI setting to help on new macs:

What kind of visual glitches ?
Do they become yellow ? In Windows, for unknown reasons, sometimes the white stuff inside the buttons becomes yellow when you move the pointer over them.

Not yellow, i’ve seen that on my Windows machine before.
These are more like flashing glitches, I just done a capture:

What. The whole Cubase window flashes :flushed: Never seen that before.

since the first start of Cubase or after making some edit in preferences or something else?

That video was literally booting up Cubase, adding HALion SE and then scrolling mouse across the navigation buttons. So yes, from the first start of Cubase.

Running Ventura 13.0.1 (22A400), and not seen any other glitches outside of Cubase. It’s weird how the plugin (HALion SE) remains normal, just Cubase flashes.

Please try enabling “Disable GPU acceleration” on the preference - user interface. And see if it makes any difference. Also, flip Rosetta2 or native, are there any difference between 2 modes? (Make sure to check the about box of cubase when you think it is running on rosetta2. There’s an OSX bug in the finder - get info window).

is it possible that it is not the cubase core software that causes this but a side effect of a plugin malfunctioning in this version ?
Did you try to disable (e.g. rename the vst3/vst folders temporarily and only keep steinberg plugins active) ?
Also did you try with no template (from a really empty song) ?

It’s 100% vanilla install with only stock plugins and instruments. So a strange one, even more strange that no-one else has posted with the same experience.

I get this on my 14" MacBook Pro M1 Pro with GPU acceleration enabled on macOS Ventura. Disabled it doesn’t happen. Pity because acceleration is always a good thing!

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I have the same thing on my MacBook Pro M1 Pro, ever since I updated from macOS Monterey to Ventura. Turning off GPU acceleration helped, but that can’t be Steinberg’s intention.

I’ve had a few apps that had a flicker with Metal/GPU Acceleration enabled but they have all been sorted now. I’ve not seen anything explained as to what the fix is however.

I’ve only jumped back into Mac world end of last year so not up to speed on a lot of the technology still but it seemed to be suggested that the latest version of Metal is still WIP for Apple?

I’m surprised that not so many people experience this though, which makes me think that it may not be fixed any time soon. Disabling acceleration didn’t seem to have any negative effect that I could notice so that’s fine for me right now.

Turning off GPU acceleration is not an option for me because it makes (horizontal) scrolling very poor. Such glitches also occurred in the past when switching to ARM. Interestingly, Cubase 11 and 12 are listed as compatible with Ventura. However, the problem only occurs since Ventura. So Steinberg has probably not tested enough here.

Are you up to date? I was using Cubase on 16" MBP last night for a few hours, no flickering and I don’t have GPU acceleration disabled - As I made a note to check it.

It was there a few months back though. But I’ve been using Logic on my mac so don’t know when it fixed itself, can only presume a O/S update perhaps?

Have the same problem.
16” MacBook Pro m2 max, Mac OS Ventura, Cubase 12.0.70, fresh install. Heavy screen flickering when I move the cursor inside Cubase, all other programs are absolutely okay.
Sometimes it doesn’t blink sometimes it does, all in the same project. And I can’t find any consistency in its behavior.

I think that the problem is in cubase. New MacBooks has Promotion 120 Hz display. You can set it to 60 Hz in MacOS screen settings and there will be no more flashing in cubase. Seems like this is an optimisation issue.

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