Cubase 12 Audio Connections Presets not loading properly - device ports unassigned

I’ve set up a new default preset for my Motu Audio interface. Sometimes it happens that my Motu is still turned off after launching Cubase (i.e. in the morning) and Cubase complains, asking me to select one of the available audio interfaces (built-in, monitor-HDMI or whatever else is available). This of course changes all my output configurations for the control room.

After re-assigning the Motu and going into “Audio Connections” to select my default preset which I saved after assigning everything to the right interfaces and outputs, nothing seems to happen. The interface column stays empty, and so do all the device ports. The preset I am using is named “Default” as I thought this is most logical to me. I am aware that I overwrote the “Default” preset that was there in the first place but this should not really be an issue.

It is only after I create a new preset “Default New” or something when assignments of interface and device ports finally seem to change properly.

There is also an other issue which I reported in someone elses thread here on another day where it seems to be impossible to use the built-in device as ports when you’re just using the built-in audio in certain situations.

In my opinion, there are some glitches here that need to be carved out.

Always make sure your interface is turned on before opening Cubase otherwise you will always have this issue . It’s a known thing to do .

Well it’s not really this what’s bugging me. Obviously there is no software-fix for just sleeping on your device to turn on in time :wink: it’s just that it bugs me how the recalling of presets / output devices doesn’t really work as it should. I think it’s a software bug.

Check out my solution to this here.