Cubase 12 crashing

Hi. I have cubase 12 and all was fine for a while. For some reason now though, cubase crashes when i try and put a sample into the sampler track. I have tried reinstalling a few times and it still crashes.


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yeah mine too, im starting to think its just not worth it anymore, its a joke a fresh reinstall and now it hogs with one or two plugins… ;-( i cant even right click quit in task manager i have to restart my computer each time,.

Same here. My Cubase 11 Pro is rock stable. I really can’t remember when it crashed last time. Yesterday C12 Pro crashed every time I used Spectralayer. Today I was not able to audio wrap multiple tracks - each time I tried Cubase crashed. This feature was one of the reason why I upgraded. And know I cannot use it. Frustrating. Same with Vari Audio multiple selected events glitch (I have confirmation this is bug and will be fix in next maintenance update). But I am also not able to tune in Vari Audio multiple selected tracks - which makes me use C11 instead.

Cubase 11 Pro was very stable. Now Cubase 12 just crashes when exporting, says CPU overload when my CPU is only at like 60%, says that “A serious problem has occurred, please try to save the project under another name and then restart**”, doesn’t crackle the audio anymore but just completely crashes. I’ve never had so many issues. Steinberg, pleeeeeeease figure this out. Average hardware has completely surpassed processing capability of Cubase and now you’re the bottleneck.

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I am having catastrophic crashes in Cubase 12 Pro the last few days. It happens when I’m trying to open a project - gets just about all the way through the opening process loading the tracks then Cubase craps the bed and quits hard before the project gets open. 12 is literally useless at this point.

I’m on a Mac running Monterey 12.2.1 with plenty of juice.

Cubase 11 was typically quite stable, so I am getting very frustrated with 12.

Cubase keeps crashing when i open sublabs, i tried to uninstall the vst2 ddl file and reinstall vst3 and it keeps crashing for some reason it’s the daw, not the vst/installer - Cubase update must me released asap, subalabs works perfectly with ckaewalk (wich is a free daw smh) for the steep price of 700$ i think that cubase needs to fix alot of its problems,

I think I’ve already had more Cubase 12 crashes than versions 9 through 11 put together

Since the C12 update i lost all control of C12 and C11 does the same thing. Opens some files and not others in C11… C12 will crash after new songs were just done. New or Old some times yes some times no… There is a major issue and needs to be fixed… I have been out of order since C12 dropped…

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crashed 2 times today, actually just froze, had to force quit from task manager and lost a a few takes of tracking. Never happened in Cubase 11. Super frustrating.

In my case after update to 12.04.40 the software Cubase Pro crashes at opening almost everytime! Each time I have to force quit the programm and start once more. Sometimes it crashes two times in
a row. I am on Win 10 64 bit. This is a nightmare! I have never have a single issue with Cubase Pro 11 - not a single issue! I cannot work normally with version 12.

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All versions of Cubase 12 have been an absolute disaster for me. I have been trying for 25 mins this evening to open Cubase, but to no avail. I love using 12 (when it works) but quite honestly steinberg need to sort this out. Too many complaints on this forum and its still buggy. I will check to see if the next update fixes things, but if not then I am selling my license.


If you’re facing issues that you’ve not been able to fix yourself, please contact Steinberg Support. The majority of crashes are caused by system specific issues and third party plugins. Support can help you with that, and if it’s something that requires an update to fix, they’ll tell you. Don’t just wait for the next update.

Since 12.04, Cubase crashes often when loading a project. No vst 2 on Windows 10-64. My template
loads easier. No problems with 12,03 before.

I personally tried that. Support made a bunch of suggestions pertaining my system and I followed all of them precisely. After none of them fixed the issue they just stopped responding and have been ignoring me since. I was perfectly polite and just wanted to be helped so I can use Cubase again, so this is incredibly frustrating. This is causing me so much trouble right now and I’m starting to miss deadlines. I tried everything under the sun but Cubase 12 is just not working no matter what I do. It’s a nightmare.

In that case, I would recommend making a new topic about your issue (or bump your existing topic if you’ve already made one) including your system specifications and what tends to cause crashes. It might be helpful to list what you’ve already tried to do to fix this.

Do keep in mind that it’s currently holiday season. Support could still get back to you about your issue.


Make sure you have the latest Cubase 12.0.40 update installed, please.

If it still happens, attach the crash/ips/DMP file, please.

Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Thanks, I’ve tried my best to describe the problem as precisely as possible.

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Sampler Track seems to very often crash Cubase. Update 12.0.40 didn’t fix this.

Crash doesn’t happen immediately - it usually happens when you’ve closed the Sampler Track Editor window, and try to re-open it.

Otherwise I find C12 very solid. Using a 2021 M1 Macbook Pro.

dude same here. Still in September 2022 with V12.0.40 I discover performance issues. And when I click on the midi track for Heavyocity’s free “foundations synth bass” I hear artifacts due to CPU overload (sic!) when it is the only track I currently play. C11 Pro was way better but I guess like everyone I’d like to use C12 just on a regular basis in work-mode fashion.

Hey can you please check my reports?

Cubase 64bit 2022.9.26 (669.1 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.9.29 (903.4 KB)