Cubase 12 support for vst2 plug-ins

Does cubase12 not support vst2 plug-in?Or is it just not supported by native, but it can still be scanned and used.
I’m very sorry that my English is not very good. I don’t know if you can understand it
What I want to know is that when I upgrade cubase12, can my old vst2 plug-in still work normally

I reeded it as it will not work on Arm based Mac. And there is no Arm based VST2 plugins since there Steinberg have not released a VST2-SDK that work with Arm based Macs. I think it is the same limitation on Windows, but Steinberg have not made any official announcement about Cubase for Arm based windows machines yet.

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I’m wondering the same thing. I still have a lot of plugins (NI, Korg, GForce, Full Service, UVI, and more) that have not released VST3 versions and seem to be in no hurry. If I am to understand correctly the VST2 plugin won’t load under Rosetta and still work in C12? It also means all these older projects are pretty much unable to be loaded.

VST 2 plug-ins will only run in Cubase 12 in Rosetta 2 mode on Apple silicon Mac computers. Cubase 12 will not support VST 2 when running natively on Apple silicon Macs.


So now what? All the VST 2 plugins will be obsolete?

What about all the people who paid their hard earned cash to buy these plugins?

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No, you will still be able to load them in Rosetta 2 on Apple silicon Macs.

What are your plug-ins that are still VST 2 only?

We have been in contact with a lot of plug-in manufactures and we have been supporting many companies to create VST 3 versions in the last years since VST 3 was introduced.


It was a general question, I have lost hundreds of pounds in the past in software that stopped being supported, Audio card companies that couldn’t be bothered to upgrade their drivers , and they were binned, and even motherboards that their companies decided to stop support to the latest windows…

Great to hear that companies are trying to upgrade to VT3, it’s morally the right thing to do,

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As much as I hate to lose VST2 support on M1 I’m not gonna hold Steinberg accountable for third party plugins that haven’t updated all these years.

I remember people making a stink when DXi support was dropped too, even though (just like VST2) official support for the format was dropped by Microsoft.

Guys, there is good news! In Cubase 12 (Windows 10) VST2 plugins will work!


Hopefully, these are on your list.

Off the top of my head (not at the DAW):
EastWest (Spaces II)
Engine (Magix)
ThreeBodyTech (they said they have no plans for development, yet will do it when the time comes…in other words not till you release C12 and if they feel like it)

Well, if spaces won’t work, I will not upgrade ever again…

And there is no Arm based VST2 plugins since there Steinberg have not released a VST2-SDK that work with Arm based Macs

Not true, I can build Arm64 VST2 plugins just fine, I’ve hacked the VST2 SDK to do so - you just bypass the GUI code and insert your own. I actually like writing my own GUI code because you never know what Apple is going to break each year, so I see not having a GUI dependency in the SDK as an advantage. However, you can’t even really build 64-bit VST2 plugins on modern macOS without hacking the SDK a bit - that’s how old the SDK is. The Carbon GUI code that’s in it, Apple never bothered writing 64-bit versions for much of it. Anyone still building VST2 plugins on modern macOS has necessarily worked all of this out, or they are using JUCE or something else that has worked it out for them. As far as I’ve experienced, besides GUI stuff, there’s nothing special in the VST2 SDK that doesn’t compile as Arm64. So, VST2 isn’t really an OS issue, so far as it is Steinberg wanting to fully depreciate it in favor of VST3, which, after so many years, I suppose is understandable.

Universal Audio plugins are all VST2 and I’m guessing that they can’t do VST3 based on the architecture of their DSP.

If you’re on an Intel Mac they’ll be fine. All of mine are still here.

Sorry to be sort of pedantic but . . . UAD plugins on Windows all work in Cubase 12? All the new features look very cool, BTW. Well done on those Steinberg!

That is expected as Cubase 12 supports VST2 on Windows. On MacOS, VST2 is not supported on Apple Silicon machines in native mode.

Steinberg has announced their intention to drop VST2 support entirely within the next two years. Assuming roughly annual releases, the next major version of Cubase (14?, assuming they skip version number 13) might not have VST2 support, and two major versions on (15?) will not have VST2 support on any platform.


Unfortunately that will be the time I stop upgrading. Unless someone writes a VST2 wrapper, which is possible.

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I love Jbridge. I hope he’s working on a VST2 wrapper - I’d pay good bucks for that.

I bet he knows… or hopefully he does