Cubase 12 Tempo Track Editor- very slow if the score editor is open

Hello folks

Just recently upgraded to C12Pro from C9Pro and I guess a few little teething problems are inevitable.
One annoying thing I’m noticing, the Tempo Track Editor is very slow and unresponsive.
I first noticed something was a bit odd when I clicked the Activate Tempo Track/Fixed Tempo toggle button on the Transport Bar. Each click would make everything pretty much freeze for about 10 seconds while it processed the change.
Then in the Tempo Track Editor itself, if I try to drag a tempo point to change it slightly, or insert a new one, again it just freezes up for about 10 seconds. And then when it unfreezes the change is rarely what I had intended. It’s just impossible to control with these 10 second freezes.
It’s not a complete system freeze. I mean the mouse pointer still moves, but Cubase is completely unresponsive.
There’s no problem when tempo changes occur during playback, it’s just in editing.
I should mention it’s a pretty big 10 minute virtual orchestral track with lots going on, but this was never an issue with Cubase 9 on my previous system (i7 5820, 32GB RAM, Sata SSDs).
My new system (i7 12700K, 128GB RAM, Nvme SSDs) is much more powerful so I’m surprised at this behaviour.
Any idea what could be going on?
Maybe there’s just a Tempo Track setting I need to change somewhere.

Let me know your thoughts because at the moment the Tempo Track Editor is pretty unusable.


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I just tried loading the same project in Cubase 9.
The problem does not occur:
Clicking the Activate Tempo Track/Fixed Tempo toggle button takes effect in a fraction of a second.
And making changes to the tempo line in Temp Track Editor is virtually instantaneous.
Absolutely no problem with C9.

So why does this problem exist in C12?

Anyone else noticed behaviour like this?


Hello again

I’ve noticed the problem only occurs if I also have Score Editor open.
I work in Score Editor most of the time so it’s not ideal.
Is there some Score Editor setting that is messing with the Tempo Track Editor somehow?

Someone else must have noticed this, surely?


I’ve reported this to Steinberg. Thanks for bringing it up.

I tried to reproduce the problem, but to no avail.
I have created a MIDI Part with some notes, added Tempo Track, wrote tempo changes, and open Score Editor. Enabling/disabling Tempo Track is instantaneous. Maybe that’s a performance issue that occurs on large projects ?

Thanks for reporting it Romantique_Tp.
Have you been able to reproduce it?
I noticed it has been mentioned before in another thread. I’m just wondering if someone at Steinberg has tried it and acknowledged the issue.

Thanks for trying Louis_R.
Yes, I think it probably is more likely to occur with a large project.
But Cubase 9 had no problem with it.
I wonder what could be causing this?


Try drawing some quick chords to a MIDI Part and then duplicate this Part 4 times, then duplicate the MIDI/Instrument Track a bunch of times and open all parts with the Score Editor.

Moving the Tempo Track nodes becomes laggier and laggier each time you duplicate the MIDI Track. The problem goes away instantly the moment you close the Score Editor.

I confirm this problem exactly.

I can also confirm the problem. It happens only when several parts are opened in the Score Editor.

Could reproduce now, the more Parts selected, the longer the delay.
It does that even when the Parts are empty.

Hello folks

Glad to hear it seems to be definitively reproduceable!
But given this, I’m surprised that it hasn’t been encountered more frequently! There’s very little mention of it on these forums.
It’s quite a big problem for me.
Quite apart from regularly needing to enter tempo changes, I often simply want to switch to a very slow fixed tempo when I’m checking complex orchestrations so I can make sure everything is fitting together properly. With a 15 second pause each time, this process becomes rather arduous.
Hopefully Steinberg can do something about this?


I have been facing this issue for the past few years, but I thought it was because my project was too large, that I had reached the limits of Cubase and I got used to it. That’s why I didn’t report this. Now your report and the great job done by @Romantique_Tp make me realize that I was wrong! Hopefully this issue seems to be a bug and could be fixed.

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Hello Maestro

Yes, in other circumstances I can imagine that I too would assume it was just Cubase getting sluggish because my project was too big.
But because I came from Cubase 9 - a version in which the problem is not present - the contrast was rather stark! And I thought ‘If C9 can handle it, why can’t C12?!’
Fingers crossed Steinberg can sort it out!

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Hi @nMarkos your post is not constructive.
The Score Editor works pretty well overall.
Please open a new thread for every single problem you encounter in the Score Editor, tag it with “score-editor” and we will try to help.

I agree with Maestro. Please make a new topic and let’s figure out whether that’s a Cubase issue or if you’re dealing with a system/configuration problem. Vague posts like this aren’t very helpful to either the Steinberg developers or yourself.

Even if you don’t know the exact reproduction steps for your issue, a more detailed description of what’s going on and when could help someone track down the source of the problem.

This is the third time you’re being asked to make a new topic. If your post isn’t about Tempo Track editing becoming sluggish while the Score Editor is open, then it doesn’t belong in this topic. Period.

Your new topic can be a rant if you want, or you could use your time to ask for help or make requests like I’ve been suggesting. That’s up to you. The problem is that you’re derailing someone else’s topic.

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Any chance this problem has been solved in 12.0.50?


Hello again!
A few hotfixes down the line… does this problem still remain?? It hugely slows down my workflow with large orchestral mockups!


No news yet.
I understand your “pain”, same for me.
I’m keeping an eye on this issue.