Cubase 12 worse performance than C11

Hello again. As I mentioned in the previous post, I managed to gently “calm down” the Cubase 12 performance indicator but this is not the same as in the C11. I noticed that after loading, for example, the PADSHOP plug, when changing the sound, a red peak may appear, which has never happened in the C11. In addition, when playing a small project, when I add a MIDI track, the project stops for a while. In C11, there was nothing when adding a MIDI path… I checked the system with DPC Latency and LatencyMon programs and everything is fine. I do not understand why these jumps in the performance indicator in Cubase even when nothing is played … Is the C12 dedicated to processors over 16 cores and more? I checked the overall performance of the system by loading about 10 OMNISPHERE, PADSHOP, RETROLOGUE, SPIRE and SYNTHMASTER 2 plugins into one project. Everything played well and without a problem. The problem is only the jumping performance indicator as nothing plays and when loading sounds in some plugins.

Worse performance is an understatement.
I have done about 30 minutes on 20 tracks of wave files and now the peak and average meters goes straight up to the top and then a red marker and everything cuts off .
Even as above the meter will do a red even when stopped now
Play again and ok , then the meters just go straight to the top like a speedy thermometer and cuts out
Windows 11 Stable as a rock
When is Steinburg going to sot this mess out . It has gone on long enough now £86 full of frustration. It is one thing after another

I’m not an expert, but what I notice is that the plugin manufacturers are gradually switching to vst3 and Windows 11…for example…Uad…Softube…NI…etc…at Softube I have the same…the load spike problem when I test insert 60 tracks with Console 1. …seems to be more to do with some plugins that are not quite perfect yet.This will still take a while until everything will fit…I think…my old projects that I have produced in C11 are taken over flawlessly…without dropouts

Softube has updated and lo and behold…120 tracks with Console 1…no more spikes…just tested…
seems to confirm my thesis…


I just used 20 converted tracks to wave from the Yamaha Genos on my I7 , 32 gig machine and after 30 minutes editing the meters all went up in unison to red with asio guard on etc and the red bar solid
Rewind and everything started again and the same happened in a short time.
I had to use Cubase 11 to carry on.
I am using a first gen Focusrite 6i6 and the latest driver for it but it is getting on a bit but great quality still.
Have Steinberg done something that Cubase 11 can handle but not 12 ???
When the meter lines keep on going up to max i do not get any dropout glitches , but the sound cuts out .when i get rid of the red bar on the meters and start it goes again until the same happens.
Anyone else get this problem.

I use a Console 1 workflow as well and still find major issues in Cubase 12 vs Cubase 11.

I just checked my version of C1 (and all the expansions) - I’m at 2.5.38 … is that the one you have?

It doesn’t seem that there are updates beyond that in the Softube updater.

My Version is…2.5.39…

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They must be rolling it out

And how does it fit to your thesis that the same plugins that spike like hell in C12 work flawless inC11?

I can only go from my situation and there, the current plugin updates I have helped a lot…yes…it fidgets more than in C11, but I have no glitches under Win11 with C12…also no dropouts…

I went back to C11… At least everything works as it should…



My latest testing is looking better.
i have a Hi definition driver, and Nvidia Hi definition driver which are active in the Device manager, but i only use a Focusrite 6i6.
i have disabled those drivers as there is no soundcard in my machine.
The other thing is that there is a Sonarworks sound device driver , but i have left that on for now.
So, i use the Focusrite drivers only as main sound device.
Could this have had any bearing on performance like meters going off the scale and red bar and maybe other problems…
Also there has been a Windows 11 update on the 6th April and i am wondering if that has improved anything.
I have put Wavestate Native on and with Asio Guard on normal and power scheme on and multithreading engaged that is now reading just over 25% when playing it. Arturia just under 25%.
Nothing is going over half way and some of those synths use quite a bit of cpu.
I notice on some synths that the asio guard does not function and other synths it goes to half way approx and it seems the average and peak meters are kept lower. Maybe the Asio guard looks like it is not workng because of the lower properties of another synth.
So i am wondering if unecessary drivers are open in device manager are having adverse effects on performance stability and also has Windows 11 update solved any stability issues.
i am still convinced that Cubase 11 is more rock solid and i canot trust cubase 12 totally just yet.
Using 20 wave tracks now is hardly moving the meters. about 12%.


Yep. I’m having C12 performance issues too. Running dual xeon processors / 128gb RAM / 1Tb SSD and the performance meter won’t stop bouncing around even when I have NO TRACKS and NO PLUG INS.
I’ve tried hanging all the usual settings in the studio setup - Asio guard / Multi processing / steinberg power scheme / 32 / 64 / 32 floating point - also changed C states and Speed step in Bios.
Nothing is having an impact.
When I run C11 the performance is stable. Any thoughts
All my drivers are up to speed.



Yes, how about Steinberg pull their finger out and for once create a bleeding version that is bugs free for God’s Sake???


Shame really… I’ve been using Cubase since it was on the Atari. I’m reluctant to change - I suppose I can stay with C11 but feels a bit shitty to have to do that when a new better performing version of Cubase is out there. Are Steinberg going to address this issue or is it only happening to a few of us??

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Early adopters who intend to use a .0 version understand that there will be some growing pains. Of course, as has been the case over the past three decades, Steinberg will release updates informed by user reports, and by further testing.

Also one might observe that the Forum draws more negative comments than positive, due to the nature of people and the Internet

Yes i do agree with you and it has to be noted by Steinberg guys that the meters bounce about when no audio is switched on and no tracks.
That is surely a bug.
it is funny though as things have improved for me and i do not know as i said whether it is the new Windows update and disabling drivers that i do not use.

Thanks for the reply Steve. As you can probably see I don’t post on this forum a lot and have generally sorted out my own issues with previous versions of Cubase as they have arisen. My point in writing to the forum was not to moan or be negative about Cubase, I love it - that’s why I’ve been using it for over 40years!!!
My purpose in writing to the forum was to draw attention to the fact that despite doing everything I know to my computer, C12 is still very bouncy on the performance meter AND has regular audio drop outs and crackles - in particular its the PEAK meter that keeps ‘PEAKING’ even when there are no tracks or plug-ins being used. I have a fairly hefty system with lots of processing power and bucketfuls of RAM.
I was hoping this was something other people are experiencing and thus hopefully something Steinberg will sort out with a future update.
As for more negative comments than positive ones, I would have thought that was the main purpose of the forum - everybody knows how good Cubase is and thus are less likely to reiterate what everyone else knows. Where Cubase may have issues is why people tend to comment because they need help. I don’t see that as being negative - I see that as being helpful to Steinberg and other users.


I’m simply saying wait for 12.0.10 or 12.0.20.

Reporting problems with the sequencer is great. A long-time user such as yourself doesn’t need me to tell you. I post things like that for the benefit of the pile-on crowd, folks who read the complaints and then pile on, magnifying the apparent problem.

Personally, I would never expect to use a .0 release of a product I paid for. I would play with it, test it, and if it worked great use it. If I had problems that looked like others were having, I’d set it aside till the update comes out. The key is where my expectations are.

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I agree with you. Like you and many other users, I can’t imagine working without Cubase but I can’t understand why Steinberg releases software that causes problems for a large number of people… I do not know on what computers Cubase is tested and on how many configurations but personally paying for the new version I would like it to work better than the previous one, which is so loudly advertised. The moment when after the purchase I run a new version of the program and it does not work as I expected, I am nervous and wonder if it was worth spending money … I’m not waiting for updates, but for a well-functioning just released version of the software. On the other hand, I understand that it is probably impossible to do so that the fresh version does not cause errors. After all, it is the same with operating systems. I also understand that Steinberg is not able to check the software on all possible computer configurations. There is nothing else but to wait for a quick update for Cubase and next time I will wait a little longer before buying a new version …

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