Cubase 13 - Any word on new update cycle?

I dont think Cubase 13 is needed, Version 12 still have a lot of bugs and most of all performance is horrible. Getting 12 in a stable state will help make 13 have more value than getting the same crappy performance with new feature.
I want to see cubase to stand the test of performance on any system specs. like the way other DAWS do. Just imaging a student/novice what to get started with cubase the performance will be there major issue, slowing down their creative process at the start.
I will like it that after installing C12+ from the start everything just works with minimum setup config and also get a better friendly intuitive UI, that’s easy to use, learn and more. As a beginner with Cubase the ui looks awful for me but can be better. I can navigate a bit because I have experience with other DAWS.
I hope for the best.


Mongolian Voices isn’t a Steinberg development.

From the latest Cubase live stream greg ondo said a maintenance update should be out soon.


That’s your personal experience, but not everyone has problems by any means. For me it’s very stable indeed. So don’t generalise from your experience to everyone’s.


True, Im one of the folks not having a single issue since coming back to Cubase at v11, aside from some objects oddly missing in the device panel editor. But if people are, then there are obviously some ‘quirks’ left to iron out for particular setups and hardware combos…

Would be nice for Steinberg to keep hammering on 12 until its rock solid, like they used to in the ‘VST’ days… We dont NEED a new release every year, quite a lot of us just get on with the tools we have and do our jobs, we dont need a constant influx of new features or workflows every single year. Its bad enough Apple does it to MacOS every fall.


The thing is, new chips, new BIOS, new drivers, new graphics cards, new OSes are coming along all the time. Particularly in the Windows World, where the variety of possible machines is almost infinite, it will be impossible to get any version of Cubase to work perfectly on absolutely all machines.


That is also the experience I am living with C12…
But what I would sooo much like with Cubase is that is opens and even more that is closes faster! It is so slow compared to other DAWs…
I am curious, doesn’t that bother anyone else?

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I just stopped the time for Cubase 12 startup. It takes approximately 8 seconds to startup. I’d not call this slow. And I have lots of 3rd party plugins and Steinberg expansions. They will only be checked for longer if they are new or updated.

And after startup, opening different projects, while keeping Cubase system opened, projects actually load very fast when many audio tracks and having no or only few plugins to open. When there are lots of plugins used, it takes some time of course but it’s the same for all other DAWs I worked with.

(Win 11, Ryzen 9 3900X)

“I’d not call this slow”
Well, I do…
The startup, ok, the engine must warm up. But, the shutdown, I would compare this to shutting down a nuclear power plant.
And whatever for startup/shutdown, if you take Reaper for instance which I use as much as cubase, there is no comparison

Are you on windows or mac? On Mac it’s pretty much instant, but on my windows machine it seems to hang for a lot longer.

Reaper is very slick in comparison though, you’re not wrong on that front. You don’t have any external controllers setup that it’s trying to release do you? If i have Eucon enabled that can slow down the close time.

I am on Windows 10, I had no idea that it was faster on Mac.
I don’t think I have some setup that slows down closing time

And yeah, Reaper is very slick in comparison… it probably gives the impression that cubase is even slower

Mine takes a few seconds to open on my Mac, its nowhere near as ‘instant’ as Logic Pro is, I think even Ableton Live 11 opens a little quicker, if I dont have any new plugins to scan.

Cubase probably takes about 10-20 seconds to open here, but I’m on an i7 Mac Mini (Ventura 13.2.1) so its not the latest/greatest all powerful M1/M2 machine or anything. Prior to the .52 update, I removed the vstconnect plugin, along with the video plugin and made the startup REALLY quick, but after updating, it reinstalled them and I never bothered removing them again…

From the menu " Studio | More Options | System Component Information" on the “Program Plug-Ins” tab you can disable items you don’t need.

Seems interesting, anyway, some components aren’t able to be off. “Video Player”, to name one.

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Yeah Im one of those cases where I was not able to disable anything in there, so I just moved the files to a safe spot.

Users have said this for every version ever released…at least for the past 20 years. And “a lot of bugs” is relative. There will always be bugs. It really depends on the user and certain user groups.

It often really isn’t. The question is whether or not you need…or better yet could use the additional features. If you check most any commercial studio you will discover that whatever DAW version is installed is rarely the most recent. Many users purposely stay on an older version…that just works for them. This is also true of large 3rd party developers like Waves. You will often find older versions, because the older version just works, and meets their objectives. It’s why some well known engineers still use those “outdated and ugly” tools like Renaissance EQ and Compressor. Time, clients, money, often trump being the most hip with the latest with new bugs to sort out.

I would suggest that is completely subjective. Sure upon the first time installed, Cubase can look like a jumbled mess.

Learn workspaces… Learn Configurations. Learn LE and PLE Learn macros. Learn the KCs.

Then, with these workspaces, configurations, LE/PLE KCs and macros… and assuming you want optimum advantage of the unique flexibility of Cubase, combine these features in Metagrid.

Here are 4 displays of a current project.

I like what I see here compared to other DAWs I have seen.

I’d say Steinberg just hang around until a forum post appears with a title like “Cubase [number] - Any word on new update cycle?” (thus proving there is a need for it) and then get feverishly to work. :wink:

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You shouldn’t need to have a war machine to open or close cubase in an instant when Logic or Reaper can do it with the same specs…
What really bothers me is when I want to leave, I close everything, then I have to freeze until Cubase is closed…

I hear Steinberg is skipping Cubase 13, just like old elevators, and is going straight to Cubase 14.


I believe it depends on your set-up, plugs installed, etc., etc.

Logic and Nuendo open in about the same time on my rig - about 20-30 seconds to load everything. (I don’t recall much difference when I was using Cubase.)

Never had freezing on close here, though. (MacIntel)