Cubase 13 - Chord Pad Presets missing!?

Hi, seems all the chord presets are missing. How can I get/ reinstall them?

They’re the old ones aren’t they? I haven’t got those, the old ones have disappeared and I’ve got 31 new ones. I wonder if there is an issue and the list should contain both?

Seems very strange, can anyone else confirm what they’re seeing please?

Thank you for your reply. Yes I just realized those are the old ones indeed…not working though. I rechecked - they are still there in v12. And no new ones at all. I also would have expected to have all of them now in v13. Rescanning hds in media bay atm. :confused:

You should be able to copy the presets over from 12. I’ll have a go later.

Still doesnt work even after reinstalling v13. In v12 the chord pads found in mediabay show as something like: “vstsound:\D8D57C2AE8914066B0BBBD4E53255340\Chord Pads\Yay Dude.chordpads”. No idea where to find them by hand. And the v13 content is still missing…:frowning: I am not a fast complainer but with all those problems this is really the first version I regret to have upgraded to:(

These 31 Chord Pad presets are those delivered with C13. They are contained in the factory VST Sounds which are located in the C13 Program Folder/VST Sounds.

Seeing 60 Chord Pad non loadable presets, looks like you have the MediaBay-database-content of C12, or like the C12 Factory VST Sounds have been copied to a common place. If you like me / Steinberg to investigate your issue, I would love to look into the preferences of both Cubase 13 and the Steinberg MediaBay Server. If you want to share this data and need help how to find, zip and upload it, please let me know.

Thanks, Jörg

All of the presets for the new plugins were also missing for me.
I was able to fix this by double-clicking one of the vstsound files in the folder
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\VST Sound
This opened the library manager and I registered the files there manually.


Please don’t do that! I expect the Library Manager will copy the C13 private(!) VST Sounds to a common folder, then multiple / different version of that VST Sounds are seen by the Steinberg MediaBay Server and Cubase 13.

There must be something unusual going on here: content movement / preference modification / MediaBay uninstall / Windows domain server environment / just brainstorming / … I would like to understand it. The truth is hidden in the prefs, let me read them. We might discover some unsupported (installation) use-case leading to this scenario.

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Hey Joerg, thanks for the reply. Of course I can provide you the files. Please tell me which and where exactly ( I guess in the user/appdata/roaming/steinberg folder?)… I am on win 10.

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With v12 I indeed moved the library content via library manager to a different location… just if that might be a problem!? However I thought this affected only the stuff for halion/GA etc.

I’m pretty sure nothing was copied or moved. After double-clicking, the Library Manager asked where to register the vstsound files, and I had selected the “current location” option.
The presets were then visible in the media bay and in the plugins.

Could it be that Mediabay ignored the new vstsounds in the C13 program folder because there are already vstsound files with the same names in the C12 program folder? However, these are not identical to the new C13 vstsound files - they are smaller and the new presets are missing.

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Files needed to investigate content issues with Cubase 13 & MediaBay:

C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 13

C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Steinberg MediaBay Server

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Steinberg please bring back chord presets ASAP.

Ouch! I just tried that, and Library Manager creates links here:

That is the reason why you see the old C12 factory content.
Please shutdown Cubase 13, wait for the Steinberg MediaBay Server to stop (approx 60sec).

Remove these links / shortcuts and try again.


I have now seen that links to the vstsound files in the Cubase13 program folder have been created in the “C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound” folder. This meant that the new C13 presets were also visible in the C12 media bay (albeit without the associated plugins).
I then deleted the links as a test - and everything still works.
I still see the new presets in C13, but not in C12 anymore.

@Joerg: Please don’t stone me because of my willingness to experiment!

Edit: I just saw that I was probably right about deleting the links - I only read your post afterwards

Hi Jörg, ok just did that and the new presets are there now. It is extremely laggy though if I click on the presets in the chordpads tab everything freezes for a few seconds till the MB shows up. Maybe I have to rescan everything? However - far as I understood the old presets should show up too right? What to do whit that? I have zipped the pref files in case you still need it…!?

Hey @P.A.T good that we found out!

We (Steinberg) need to make the Library Manager respect the privateness of Cubase / Nuendo Content and not install it in the Common location.

Meanwhile now we know this pitfall - I just re-evaluated the use-case, because there is a new complexity (for the MediaBay / Content developer) with the new MediaBay (Server) … the Server will consume all common content, then the Clients may provide their private stuff, such as Cubase does with the FCP_SMT_001 … 005.

It seems we are missing a version check on the Client Content, as the C13 content is newer and should replace the C12 content if found in common location. So we found a minor bug in the MediaBay Server. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

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In short you will fix it right?

I realised that too after I modified my content, but only while MediaBay was still processing the changes. Follow up searches are back to normal speed. Hope it’s the same for you.