Cubase 13 out now!

Thats why you have delay compensation :wink:

Hi, I created a ticket to the 3. party that Steinberg is using to sell Cubase (and more). I do not know what happened but after some time suddenly my VIAS card was accepted (not my master card). So I ended up purchasing via VISA, and it worked fine.

Hey, about the “Range” functions. It seems that “Insert silence” doesn’t work in Cubase 13. “Cut time” does work normal.
Is there a place where I can post, so Steinberg will listen about?

I’d prefer if the plugin would adapt to which modules are being used as to the latency it adds. For example, i’d never use realtime vocal pitch correction and that’s probably taking up the bulk of the lookahead whether enabled or disabled - so for me it’s a pointless plugin.

No-one would use real-time pitch correction in a mix anyway would they? Variaudio is far better and already exists. A ‘live’ mode is all that’s needed to disable the modules that is killing latency.

It would then be a much more useful tool that could be used across a wide range of tasks.

Please, create a new topic straight here in Cubase forum and write repro-steps for your issue. Follow the instructions written here:

How to format a bug report - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


Thank you very much valsolim.
In the meantime I tried again the command “Insert silence” in a fresh new project and it works as it should. Perhars there was an error with that specific project.
Everything is fine now.

I can now run at least small projects like your average rock band type of thing on a buffer size of 32 and 3-4ms latency and the meters are barely visible except for the ASIO guard protruding a little more than before maybe. No drop outs or anything in Cubse 13. Larger projects may have to be adjusted for but it feels like I have some headroom. On Cubase 12 the results had me actually starting the planning for the next computer, but now? Naw!!!

I just tried Cubase 12 again and … NO WAY! I used to have buffer size at 48 but recently I had to go to 64 for my UR824. Not sure why? Same audio card at 32 buffer size I can fiddle around with the settings all I want in the Studio Setup Dialog and it will be only different flavors of disaster. It’s useless but …

… hey, I have Cubase 13! :sunglasses:


Something also worth mentioning is now Cubase shuts down in the blink of an eye, like just about all other programs. A real relief in a way. And oh!!! The new windows which behave like Windows™ compliant windows are supposed to behave is a mega relief if you ask me! Other than that I think it’s a great update. Not spectacular for marketing purposes but the usability has had a boost if you ask me. I prefer that! :sunglasses:

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Will the video player finally support portrait format?

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I know, right.? It might be enough to just add a ‘rotate’ (90, 180, 270) feature in the playback window somewhere…

Here’s another thread too, with an example video for SB to test/experiment on…
Playing Vertical Videos - 9:16 - Cubase 13 - Feature Request - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Its 2023/24 - everyone is making videos on their phones… For TikTok/Instagram/SnapChat, etc… They need quick convenience to add audio FX, music beds, Voice-Over, sound design, etc… before uploading. Mostly, that can all be done on the phone hardware itself these days.

However, for anything more, SB need to remove unnecessary friction for users to HAVE FUN playing inside of Cubase. Or, they’ll just go elsewhere.

Logic apparently displays the file posted in that thread fine, somehow… with a straightforward import… No messing. And exports too.!

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Ok… I have been living with the white power for a while now… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am over the initial shock.

I would still like some more options to customize the GUI though… maybe some sort of specific option to control those MUTE SOLO fonts and colors.

Okay bye

Hi, I am also having mainly a problem with the GUI so far. I am running a macbook pro attached to 1440p Monitor which isn’t ideal for mac scaling but Cubase 13 is so much worse than Cubase 12.

My main problems:

1. All the boxes have less height than bevor, making the text within harder to read, also icons within boxes are smaller:

2. Font sizes: Some headlines have smaller font size but greater small weight making it even harder to read (e.g. “Track Version” in the inspector (see above)) and at the same time some things have really small and tiny fonts like the QC in the inspector (see above).

3. Too much contrast: In general I have the same opinion that most of us here, that there is too much white text on dark grey background. And we got rid of the blue highlight color, which means even more white on black. See here:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-28 um 10.23.43

4. Too less contrast: At the same time we have bad contrast in some areas like the track headers in the sequencer, because we have white text on light grey background. Also in the mixer, between fader and channel meter. Again making things hard to read.

5. General inconsistent styling: It seems like some things got changed with the new style guide and some are not. For instance does the control room look just the same as in Cubase 12 with the blue highlight color and no flat design buttons etc. Why? I prefer the Cubase 12 design but when you decide to apply a flat design it should be consistent.

I think most of the design changes weren’t necessary and they rather should have worked on a more customizable GUI, giving the user more options to decide about constrast, font sizes and colors etc.

and yeah please bring back the old fader caps :wink:


Showing the curve and spectrum would probably go against the design principle since they are inspired by classic old school EQ units, almost certainly Pultec EQP-1A and Pultec MEQ-5, which didn’t have such luxuries. In my opinion, these units encourage the use of ears rather than eyes, and personally I like the adherence to this principle. I think these EQ’s are great for adding character and encourage creative alternative ways of EQing.

Yeah the shutdown is so fast and clean. In 12 I would constantly have to force close it.

For me this is one of the most smooth working upgrades ever. I dig the new mixer look.
No more crashing and freezeing when quitting. Excellent.

Well done Steinberg.


+1! Fully agree with you!

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I just came here to pretty much say the same thing. I wasn’t sure about the new look initially but easily have adapted to it. This is my first Cubase without the dongle (I skipped Cubase 12) and it is by far the most stable and rock solid version of Cubase I have used to date (I started on SL3).

I love all the new improvements in the mixer especially, along with the channel view on the arrange page. I really wouldn’t want to be without all the new features now.

I also really like the new windowing approach on Windows. I think it works a lot better despite having to deal with a titlebar for the window which takes a few more pixels.

I do wish that Cubase would respect my Windows dark theme and display a dark menubar, but that’s really a very minor gripe. I also would love to see the control room redone with the new style within the Cubase 13 lifecycle as that feels like an oversight IMHO.

Huge hats off to Steinberg, you guys did an absolutely incredible job with this update!!!

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Yes Control Room looks a little dated now in contrast. But overall solid update. Not a single crash in one month. Solid here on Apple silicon.

Hi Markus!

When will Steinberg publish the .pdf operations manual in German language?

I’m full time music producer and work the whole day long with cubase, but I switched back to 12 … the new GUI is so hard to read when you have big projects.
For instance the mute&solo button are to bright and not that important - you want to read the track name first and now it’s really hard to find them in a project of 100+ tracks.
Hope with a new update you have an option to adjust this :pray:


gute Frage!