Cubase 13 out now!

When Dorico was born, Cubase had been around for a long time. That’s when it was time to integrate or link the two. Now it’s long past, and the paths no longer meet.

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No, that does not work for me. If i have some channels selected and I press S (keyboard or button in Cubasse) it just solo the first of the selected channels, or the channel I press S button with the mouse. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Too many changes on the UI. much prefered Cubase 12 Insptecor, I want to see all my insert and send slots, I don’t want to see “one at a time” I may choose to put a plug in right the the middle of the insert chain. and load something else before that plug in later. You made it more difficult for me to move plugins around on the inpector. The new mute and solo buttons are too much like Studio One and look cheaper. Also the fader and pan knobx in inspector should go back to the older colours. Thank you for the mono stereo button and tap tempo. But please return the Cubase 12 Ui. It was modern enough. the new UI is not correct


Sorry I wasn’t clear I meant the keyboard S not the button in Cubase.
Edit: I just checked… if you are on Mixer page it does indeed only solo the top one But in the project page it solos the selected channels

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A new release with new features is always good, but I had to revert to v12, because the audio recording is kind of broken (take unusually long time to save the wav files), and supervision is flickering while I record.


Couldn’t disagree more about the inspector.

The old inspector was constantly getting in my way with opening and closing important areas I wanted kept open, and it was ridiculously cumbersome for example to get to the audio fader in midi tracks, or have both fader and other important info open at the same time.

Your example picture above shows a big space of empty inserts, which is a HUGE waste of space I would NEVER want to see on my screen.

All in all, I prefer the new inspector ten times over the old one, and the very last thing I would want from Steinberg is returning to the old design.

Same for overall design: I prefer the flat design as necessary step towards a unified and scalable UI. My guess is, that it is just a first step, and only a matter of time, before eye supporting 3d forms and shades return into the new scalable format. In doubt such a more unified and scalable surface is MUCH more important to me, than any 3d bells and whistles will ever be.


I think there are new settings around can now make it zoom to the selected object too like Pro Tools.

Best to find those new settings and select the one you need. It was part of the new functionality added in 13.

Unless you already found them and none set it to work as it used too.


I love the new mixer and everything else, much easier on the eyes. Not sure what complainers are on about, tbh. Great job Steinberg. A bypass eq section button would be good on the popup.


Don’t worry. I got it. But sadly that doesn’t work neither, at least for me

Yes. That’s right.
My issue is with in the mixer window…
Thanks for taking your time for checking.

Just bought 12 in July, so going to hold off on this upgrade for a bit :wink:

yes cue mix still only 4 But Studio one And Other DAWs is unlimited Cue mix

For some reason it’s back to normal now. Zooms in on cursor phew
Edit: Now it’s back to zooming to bar 1. Anyone else experience this? or is it a setting I’m missing?

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Evidentially you don’t have visual sensory issues. For people like me who do it is unusable.


Hi Rune. I had the same problem as you, and end up using my debet card. Im also from Norway. Was in contact with my bank today (SR Bank 1) and they comfirm that they have stopped the transaction to Steinberg from card. According to them Steinberg was listed as suspicious. Some people have report they have been scammed on web site connected to Steinberg?
I asked them to check up on Steinberg again since i considered Steinberg to be a serious company own by Yamaha.


Totally agree with this and with albinloan.

I like the Cubase 12 "theme " and not the 13.

And it looks like that the size of letters are a little bit smaller


Do you think people with visual sensory disabilities voicing our concerns over our issues with Cubase 13 is not?


They went too far with some of the UI… the classic theme was better. #giveusCubase12skin please Steinberg…


I absolutely HATE the new skin. I’m not certain that I want to use 13. It is so uncomfortable visually. We need the old skin for C-13. I purchased and installed 13 but I may continue to use 12. the UI is horrible.


If you DAW is off-line like mines will the hub pop-up in CB13?

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