Cubase 13 out now!

Thank you @JRoeper for your advice, however I tried first another way to figured out what type of version I received. I just test how many midi channels could set and only 48, according the AI LE Elements version admit. No doubt there is something wrong. Below I posted the mail received from Steinberg. I do not understand how they say Cubase 13 Elements.

I have issiue with mixer. Cubase 13 completely freezes when I press G or H key on mixer window.

I too, was certainly hopeful for some AI capability.

Hi @asolanoe. Please open the “Steinberg Activation Manager” to check whether there is a license called “Cubase Elements 13” and whether it’s activated.

Not here, sorry for you.

Might it be a graphics driver issue? Or you need an install without old settings?

I love the new UI

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Kudos to the graphic design team for walking that fine edge between the familiar and the new. On first impressions, I’m liking what I’m looking at while I’m working, so hats off to you guys & girls slaving away on your UI design software. :tada:

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Awesome! Can we get a Trial version also?

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I’m totally disapointed by Steinberg …they hurt my motivation, my creation !
I don’t know what to think about Steinberg …well i know but i can’t say it!
A few months ago i upgraded to C12 pro for 150$ cnd & now C13 is out …
This is the Versions|Released :
|Cubase 10.0|November 15, 2018|
|Cubase 10.5|November 13, 2019|
|Cubase 11.0|November 11, 2020|
Cubase 12.0|March 2, 2022
Why Steinberg push me in the hands of their competitors ? for MONEY ?
I’m totally disapointed by Steinberg …they hurt my motivation, my creation !
It’s not clever !

Keep using C12 and continue to create and motivate. :slight_smile:

The pandemic created a gap in release dates for 2021. Steinberg didn’t do anything wrong by releasing C13. This was a great update - they just have some things to address, which they will, and everything will be fine eventually.

It’s always good practice to put yourself in the other person’s shoes when you’re upset with them about something. Steinberg cannot appease 100% of their users, since users have such a vast difference in priorities. Perhaps you could specify what exactly you wish Steinberg did differently. That way, they know how to better serve you. Instead, they hear that you’re upset, but you’re not exactly saying what they did, so they have no way to address it in the future.

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I don’t know. My PC is online all the time (unless the it cannot connect to the internet.) Why? Do you not see the hub at all?

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I’ve bought every Cubase upgrade since Cubase VST 3.5. Not this one.

I like Cubase for its unique workflows and as host for industry-standard VSTs.
I care about performance, stability, and fixes for common, well-documented, high-impact bugs and incompatibilities.

I’m not interested in bundled own-brand plugins for purposes all serious users already have tools for.

Compare this CA$150+tax “major” release with what Logic Pro just added for free as a point release. Disappointing.


I would never want to miss the significant workflow enhancements of this update. But of course to each his/her own…

On the whole, I like most of the new stuff, apart from the weird interface which blurs and upsets my eyes. Anyway, one thing that has finally made my decision to jump ship is that all I get is intermittent CPU Spikes whilst idling on an M1 Mac Studio Max with64 GBRam. I’m guessing it’s some 3rd Party plugin issue that I didn’t have before with 12, but enough’s enough.

I dowloaded a trial of Studio 1 v6, loaded the same project and plugins and had less CPU usage and no CPU Spikes at all. In all honesty, this was the last chance for Cubase for me. I am annoyed I wasted the £85 on the upgrade, but hey, at least I’m happy and it’s not a great new learning curve.

My PC is always off-line unless updating… waiting to go to 13

Hi Steinberg,

I am currently on a Cubase 12 pro 60 day trial and want to stay firmly on Cubase 12 Pro for a while. I see that it’s not possible to buy Cubase 12 Pro at all now. My question is:

  • If I buy Cubase 13 Pro, will that license also unlock Cubase Pro 12 for me as well (the trial version) so I can use both?

If not, how can I purchase Cubase 12 Pro?

Yes. Also, note the only difference of the trial version is the license itself.

I’m genuinely curious which workflow enhancements you found significant, if you don’t mind sharing.

@JRoeper you were right! I did what you said and the Cubase 13 Elements license was deactivated. Now Cubase 13 Elements is activated and it is working perfect in my laptop. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support.

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