Cubase 13 out now!

Agreed! Dom has been an outstanding asset to the Steinberg team! Seems like a nice person too, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Once again we have all been scammed out of $100.00 for a buggy release of Cubase. C12 bugs were never resolved and now even more in C13.
It makes me look more in to other DAW alternatives.


I know in future I won’t be so keen to jump on to the latest ‘upgrade’. I feel, after the Steinberg shop was out of action, someone high up kicked some backsides to get C13 out quick to make up some lost revenue. Anyway, onward and upward.

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IMO, the time the shop was down was a (lost) opportunity to test the crap out of C13, and launch a truly polished product. The free trial is still not available, so Steinberg are still expecting customers to PAY for the privilege of testing a product that was not ready for launch. I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that!

I’m personally looking forward to proper release notes for Cubase 13. All the changes and bug fixes in the previous two versions were documented very well, however, the currently published change list for Cubase 13 looks like a very stripped down version when compared to its predecessors.
Cubase 13 Release Notes | Steinberg
Cubase 12 Release Notes | Steinberg
Cubase 11 Release Notes | Steinberg


Indeed - I’m sure these will improve as the maintenance updates are released, their content better reflected. (though, there was nothing really about C11’s initial release I see; only from first update onwards…)

People who gave youtube reviews on day one of release had Cubase 13 for a month or so. It already had gone from 13 to 13.0.10.

It was out there with testers and reviews. There are a lot of computer configs and a lot of different plugins so it hard to catch everything I guess.

And this is a support forum so it will be natural for people to have issues with C13 on here. It’s what the site is for. It’s not a good straw poll of how the C13 release went. Though I am sure they would want no complaints.

It would be like joining a website called: “Only join if you hate Ford cars”, and coming away thinking everyone in the world must hate Ford cars lol

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I have not been able to find the setting for this. You are right it Zooms to beginning of selected Object. If nothing is selected it zooms to cursor. Anyone who knows how to disable the zoom to object?
UPDATE : Found the setting in preferences under editing-zoom-untick zoom anchor to selection

There some videos on youtube showing the new functionality. Have a look at those, they will show you where to look. I think its in one of the top menus but I’m not at a computer right now.

Or maybe it does that by default now, zooms to clips unless a clip is not selected. I cannot remember right now. But youtube will be a big help.

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I personally have been loving it. No stupid floating menu bar. Vertical zoom and waveform zoom with scroll wheel. I’ve already got a ton of use out of the multi part key editing. Also it closes in a flash, no more hanging.

People should at the least balance out the negatives with the positives.


I think I understand your main point, but I might quibble a bit with your analogy. The forum is also a place to come for help, so it’s not just an “I’d like to complain” room :slight_smile: :grinning:

I totally agree with you on that. I come here when I cannot find it in the help file and I am tired of searching the GUI for clues :slight_smile:

Hi. I have a soft e-licenser for Cubase AI, and I am currently running Cubase AI 11 on a Windows 10 PC. How do i get a voucher for Steinberg licensing so I can upgrade to Cubase AI 12 or 13?

If you haven’t already, install the SDA and log in to check whether Steinberg have deposited a CB13 AI licence into your account.

Same here. Just finally got a chance to try out CB13, and loaded the vocal chain…great features, but sad that there is so much added latency. Hopefully this will be addressed with a future update. This was my main selling point for upgrading from Pro 12.

Hey, until Cubase 12 you could set the project cursor position by holding “Option+Shift” and clicking anywhere in the project. In Cubase 13 this somehow doesn’t work anymore and I can’t find an option to enable it again. Anyone have an idea?



Suddenly the MIDI remote script disappeared.

Thanks for this great update!!!

My CPU usage went from 70% to 30% on macbook pro M2 Max!!!

Also, bounce is TWICE AS FAST

Cant for for the 13.002 update to fix the ugly GUI!!!

Thanks guys, love you! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats why you have delay compensation :wink: