Cubase 13 out now!

I agree they should be fixing some fundamental issues.

But I also disagree with the bundled plugin statement I keep seeing people make. The new pulled plugins look and sound great. You can’t fault them for adding this stuff, you and “seasoned professionals” may have these covered. But many young people will be buying Cubase and will now have them at their disposal built in!

I’m genuinely curious which workflow enhancements you found significant, if you don’t mind sharing.>

Yes, sure.

The inspector was constantly getting in my way, by opening and closing information in unwelcome ways (opening one field would close others). Now in 13 I can a) have open whatever I want at the same time (or even choose the old kind of setup, if I were an idiot), b) manage which information I want displayed in the inspector and which secondary information in the additional left inspector field with the fader. That flexibility alone saves me tons of useless clicking back and forth!

Next example: getting an EQ (or other) popup just by hovering over it and making a small adjustment, and then the popup just vanishes without further clicking while I move on is another huge workflow improvement to me.

Similar with examples in other areas, like the MUCH better overview in the mixing windows settings button, or the possibility to rearrange the sequence of channel strip edit areas to my liking for each channel (which is saved with my project)

Switch mono to stereo channel and vice versa with one click

Multipart editing (instead of constantly switching back and forth between several interdependant tracks I want to edit) is another huge workflow improvement.

The new step sequencer input mode can be quite useful for drum midi editing.

Sampler track now has its own undo/redo history (inviting going wild to ckeck things out) and very useful additional functionality.

Chordpad functionality was so far not too inviting for my use cases: it is much better now.

MUCH better import options from other projects for parts and events.



I was about to make this question! this is great news and a good reason to get Cubase 13

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Hello everyone! Thank you very much for all your feedback so far.

Some questions have already been asked about the compatibility with macOS Sonoma. We can now announce the compatibility of Cubase 13 with Sonoma 14.1.

You can find more information here and please feel free to share your feedback in this thread:


@Markus_Staudt , Thank you for that, made my day ! :sunglasses:


does the vca get fixed in c13?


I would have switched from Reaper to Cubase a long time ago were it not for the fact that Steinberg offers no incentive discount to existing Dorico users.

please considere this:

The title is a bit wrong, as I was meaning group effects and automation applied to individual tracks when is used multichannel option.

Exporting individual Stems with Effects and Automation applied in Cubase 12 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

For those who are having issues with kontakt, new update has arrived. Should fix the text copy issue.

I am happy about the tremendous learning curve of new functionality and mind-numbing features, Thank you, :star_struck: :rofl: from Bleary Eyes Daryl…a happy bleary eye joe…

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Sorry i was reading and doing other stuff… it will popup off-line likenin CB12 i just understand the complaining… i like what i have seen in all vids… im going to purchase and live with it … i remember CB9 being poop …

Can we import ADM files. I saw there was a section titled ADM file Import in the manual but it was blank. I would love to be able to import the ADM files I export and the ADM files of other people’s projects (Even if they used a different DAW. I was hoping Steinberg would have Compression and reverb for 7.1.4 and 3rd order Ambisonics. Other DAWs are doing it (In my spoiled child voice)

First thing Ive checked out was… Cue Sends. And they are still only four! :frowning: Guys, often we have more than 4 musicians in studio, while recording, believe me. And I have to feel sorry for them explaining, that e.g. the guitarist will have the same mix in headphones as keyboard player, because of software limitation. They always ask me why I dont want to buy a better software…

Just purchased the upgrade. Not sure why - I knew it didn’t address the 3 things I keep waiting for.

  1. Template Tracks routing recall
  2. Integrate track archives in browser
  3. Routable folder tracks

Just utterly disappointed to not have these. Particularly number 1. What kills me is if you look at the xml file of a track template you can see that the routing is saved in the file. Nuts.

I think not having number 1 in particular really limits options for workflow in Cubase.

Thank you Steinberg. CB 13 Installed without issue and my previous settings are there. Had to remake a few personal project templates though. Nice!

Lol you can finally drag and scroll at the same time. Though the scroll function seems to freeze when moving the mouse a little bit which is annoying. Not sure if you can disable that, please let me know :slight_smile: .

Also alt tabbing back to Cubase works properly now instead of the Cubase main window going to the back of the alt tab selection menu. The window handling was really outdated before Cubase 13. This alone is worth upgrading for me.

Overall nice new features, clean UI update.

Haven’t had much bugs yet, only some graphical artifacts (?). I get a white rectangle in my screen sometimes. These kind of issues happen every new version for me with a AMD GPU, and seem to disappear in later maintenance updates.

Can you at Steinberg sort out those horrid blurred faders in mix console
It is not good on the eyesight.

All the best


I was meaning to come upgrade from Spectralayers Pro 9 to Pro 10, and I found out there’s a Cubase 13, yay! I watched a few videos…Dom is GREAT, by the way. So I upgraded Cubase, bought SLP 10, and … now I’m thinking of getting Iconica full. Haha, my fault for coming here, right?

Anyway, have a great day all!

Getting rid of those space consuming empty inserts and send slots actually was the only thing I was waiting for for years…

Finally I can keep them open and don’t need to scroll and/or open/close sections anymore on my not-4k monitor.

Thank You Steinberg!

Ha! Xmas coming a bit early for you this year… :rofl: Good luck, and have fun.!

Anyway, the full Iconica looks/sounds pretty awesome.

There’s a very in-depth vid around somewhere, made by a highly skilled composer showing how he used/programmed Iconica (using Cubase) to achieve his results… just to give you some (further) ideas of what’s possible.! sorry, can’t find it just now…