Cubase 14 wishlist

Bitwig, Reason, Ableton all have cv out and tuning modules. I have 24 channels of audio dedicated for CV out. Having to use a 3rd party plugin like Expert Sleepers is a pain. Better intergration inside Cubase would be great. Take a look at Bitwigs dedicated CV module.

Ok here is a big one that Reaper has, having one oversampling setting for that tracks inserts. So you don’t have 4 plugins or more upsampling then downsampling into each other. You could run all your plugins on that set of inserts at 2,4 or 8 x OS.


And a big one for Mac Pro users …pinch to Zoom in and out on the trackpad please. I have no idea why Cubase can’t do this.

Just my two and a half wishes:

  1. No VST rack limitation (current is 64)
  2. Selecting multiple MIDI tracks and then assigning them to the same audio output (rack configuration)


Get the Noise Gate Threshold down to -90 dB. -60 is still too loud - and I’m half deaf.

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It would be great if Cubase 14 implemented more Warp algorithms for audio editing, just like Cakewalk has these options. Elastic Pro and Radius.


Cubase has Elastique Pro but it is riddled with bugs and glitches. Radius sounds better and I’d love to have it. A big one for me is the ability for Melodyne to handle time stretching, which is implemented in Pro Tools and Reaper and is awesome to be able to use with the time stretch tool.

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Please place some marking on the sends panning tab in Channel Settings window so it is visible the pannig settings for which send is (please refer to the attached images).


It already displays the pan amount, what else did you want?

I also noticed that the Radius algorithm sounds with less artifacts. It preserves more of the high frequencies that make the audio shine. It would be excellent to have Radius in the algorithm options. Standard algorithms also have timing issues when people apply Bounce to audio events. Everything looks fine in the editor, but when we consolidate, they change places and are not accurate. Radius algorithms would be perfect!

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Yes, more options are always better for that kind of thing where it can depend a lot on the source in terms of what sounds best. Elastique Pro works fine in Reaper without the timing issues and glitches. So I think Steinberg is to blame for the problems with it in Cubase.

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For it to show the name of the send the pan control belongs to.

Free Warp tool is not so perfect as it was presented in Cubase 12. When you drag some parts of flute for example and stretch it, it was sounds good. But when You bounce it or export in the final mix, it’s sounds with clicks and artifacts! So really hope that in Cubase 14 it will be fixed


Ah ha! Never felt that need, which is why I didn’t see it. I wonder, Where would it go? Tooltip?

I personally think tooltip is a bad idea.
There is plenty of space in the Panning tab to properly add the name of the send.
image image

Notice how much more information the Destinations tab gives you compared to the Panning tab. And on less space too!

Hi Googly_Smythe … it’s missing the send name not the panning state … so when you try to edit the panning for a send you have to count or guess which is the panning for that send you want to change … very annoying and time consuming

A restart function would be convenient

Yes, @mlib opened my eyes.:+1:

  1. Undo/Redo buttons in all plugins.
  2. Solo band/listen to all EQ and Dyn Filter modules in VocalChain
  3. Plate reverb in VocalChain.
  4. TWO reverbs (almost all vocal products usually have a blend of two or more reverbs) and TWO delays in VocalChain (slap and throw)
  5. Reset/default button to modules (and all separate EQ plugins)

My + 100000000000