Cubase 14 wishlist

High contrast theme compatibility. Or a way to change menu colors from white to something else.


A skinning feature would be great.


Track Markers and Clip Gain. I have been using Pro Tools more and more and I am finding good uses for the track markers in my workflow to mark points of interest in the audio. Clip Gain, well, that has been requested for many years.

How is clip gain different than the “pull up the white square on the clip” process we use now?

Session view - Clip launcher
Gapless audio

  • lock Mixer configurations so that new and/or newly enabled tracks do NOT get added to all configurations

  • default FX Chain Preset that loads on any new audio or instrument track

  • hybrid midi/instrument tracks so we VE Pro users can setup our external instruments like we do any other midi track

  • iron out the bugs with Retrospective Record

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There is a discussion on the Nuendo site. What I find for Pro Tools clip gain its easy to see how much is gain is being applied at a glance. Unless there is some setting I missed in Cubase, the only way to see the gain amount is to click on the handle. There are some minor differences. 24db Cubase vs 36db Pro Tools is one.

Cool! Makes sense. Perhaps an option to show a number with a + or - in the middle of the clip.

I beg for only one thing,

routing folders.

Thanks, this will make perfect DAW for me


Clip gain in Pro Tools is like an automation curve on the clip itself. You can add multiple “automation points”. It starts in the center of the clip and allows you to add gain as well as reduce it. You can also, very conveniently, convert clip gain to volume automation and vice versa.


Very cool.

You can do it with pencil in Cubase. It’s just a bit fiddly.
I don’t remember how it works in PT as I used it almost 10 years ago last time.

I’ll go for something really simple. Grey out the muted tracks like Logic does. It makes things much easier to see.

Oh and collapsable folder tracks in mixer


Hello Cubase team and colleagues,

Here is my wishlist for Cubase 14:

  1. I would love to see a serious integration between Dorico ↔ Cubase/Nuendo.
  • Equal Expression & Percussion Maps system (the expressions must be restricted to an existing musical symbols, just like in Dorico).
  • Dorico’s Playing and Playback Techniques should be integrated into Cubase/Nuendo.
  • The Instrumental, arranging and orchestral logic in Cubase/Nuendo to match the one in Dorico.
  • The Flow conception to be adopted in Cubase/Nuendo.
  • The Staff /Instrument/MIDI Track Voicing (Upstem and Downstem) should be equal to the one in Dorico.
  • The Independent Voice Playback, a function important for the Divisi, should be integrated in Cubase/Nuendo.
  • Would be nice to see a Real-Time synchronization between those programs, or at least single button transfer forth and back (at least until the Real-Time sync is available).
  • No doubt that the current Score Editor must be replaced by the one available in Dorico! The Write Mode + Limited Engraving features.
  1. Some Very Important Audio Editing improvements (well we must admit that Cubase and Nuendo are far behind Pro Tools. Even Studio One and Luna have some advantages over Cubase/Nuendo):
  • We need the Event Volume Envelope (Bezier Curve) to be in the Middle of the Event at 0dB (exactly as it is in Pro Tools and Studio One). It needs an option for Show and Hide.
  • Ability to invoke Automations directly on top of the Main Audio and MIDI Event (Just like in Pro Tools). This a big vertical space screen saver, especially if one has tons of tracks and important automations that should remain constantly opened.
  • A serious BeatDetective - like tool is needed in Cubase / Nuendo!
    Cubase, nor Nuendo have any centralized and powerful tool for audio editing. Both programs are pretty chaotic in this aspect.
  1. UI and UX Improvements:
  • The graphics and the user experience are one of the most important things for those who are spending many hours in front of the screen.
  • The DAW is a Studio Equipment, so no doubt it should bring the feeling of a Premium Studio. Here UAD Luna is the absolute winner, followed by Cakewalk Sonar and Harrison’s Mixbus. The UI/UX teams behind Cubase and Nuendo have muuuuch to learn from the mentioned, above, programs. I would like Cubase and Nuendo to bring the same visual feeling as Luna, or even better.
  • I would like to be able to merge the top Title and Menu bars into single one, as it was before. I don’t mind if you would like to follow the Windows terrible conception about the Top Window Bar, but please, let us decide how prefer it to look. It takes an important vertical screen space.
  • Luna is heading towards Windows, and I’m pleased by the results I was able to get out of the public beta. It has fully functional free version. The paid one is at the price of the Cubase Artist. If one doesn’t need the plugins included in paid Luna, he/she could relay on the third-parties. It’s no more restricted to the UAD Audio interfaces…

I really do hope someone from the team, or it’s Head, is reading this topic! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Expand on the concept of macros in the way that any command in a macro can have arguments. This way we could auto-fill any dialogs.
E.g. Add Track. This function should be able to relay to Cubase which kind of track shall be created, which name, how many, and all the other fields we now manually have to fill out in the dialog.

Being a simple creaure I just want to be able to resize Frequency 2
I would also like to be able to adjust the db scale on the visual so I can see smaller eq changes as well as hear them.
All stock plugins resizeable would be better obviously.

Also look into Track Archives for this

Hello everyone,

Personally I am a little tired of seeing that everything must have a new version per year without necessarily that all previous or existing concerns are not resolved. I fully understand the trade system and the involvement of funding but must also understand that behind, there are users who use Cubase for professional purposes. Your economic formula already takes into account newcomers and updates from one version to another. My first version of Cubase that I paid for myself in 1998 was Cubasis VST 3. I had a large period of white, then to get back on his way with music in 2009, I used Cakewalk and come back to Cubase in 2014 With version 8. In short … All this to say that in installation, we end up with 8, 9,10,11,12,13. It would be good to have a single cubase with constant update compared to the subscription of the offer. You are afraid of compatibility concerns, add a version switch to Cubase preferences. It will activate or not the latest integrations in Cubase. There are always lots of improvement ideas, today we live in a world that everything must go fast. Believe me, speed and quality have never been right. Personally I don’t care about having a new version every year, which is important to me. It is to have a stable and always evolving program. You can even take advantage of adding a pairter in the configurations, whether or not the user wants to test the latest techs you send (BETA TESTOR). In summary the program would be in Rolling Release.

This is just my opinion and a suggestion, but I firmly believe that this will relieve developers and give a breath of fresh air on the ease of development, instead of wanting a release every year with resident bugs. It’s very complicated to establish notoriety in our society and so quickly to lose it or for people to look elsewhere even though Cubase is a superb creation!