Cubase 14 wishlist

Agreed. We have to stop making developers chase marketable features as a means of creating revenue. Just fix and improve everything there and we should be good with that. Cubase already has a massive amount of features and many of which are likely under used. However, I do believe we should have yearly updates that fix and improve things. I don’t need any new features myself.

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to be honest we need just 1 Cubase that is stable.sure steinberg can bring features etc. and if you need it you can pay for it.every year i need to update my cubase and i hope every time this fix my problems bugs or improve more stability and then after updating we have new bugs and new problems…i dont know if this is the right way for a good DAW.


stability, stability, stability


Bring FlexPhraser to the forefront and begin adding more capabilities to it.
A feature might be something like a randomly-generated guitar strum, in a certain style, or a bass pattern that can be generated based on a drum beat.
And more guitar strum for T Guitar.
Please,simplify the process of converting audiofiles to midi.

I think there must be this thing that all the young gun marketing students get taught at college that customers want continuously added new features, to make them feel like they are getting value for money. Adobe is like that, Microsoft too. and all the others. I think this is a false premise that all the companies have succumbed too. It’s clear from reading this forum that what professional users want is very high stability and freedom from bugs.

That’s what Steinberg should focus on I think. But, there’s an old IT joke (of sorts) that although Sun Microsystems UNIX Solaris was very very stable, they still needed 32 bit numbers to list all the bugs and defects in Solaris despite that. Difficult problem removing every last bug. But Cubase, please try, instead of for example making totally unnecessary and unwarranted changes to the UI that nobody asked for.


The size of the number says completely nothing, I work for a software company where we have six digit numbers, but they are assigned randomly and always six digits. So no way of counting tickets just because of bit size.

@JuergenP It was an old joke. Not factual at all, but funny.

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As someone with a MacBook Pro that uses one of maybe 4-5 audio devices I’d settle for Cubase actually remembering the inputs and outputs rather than having to load broken presets that don’t map the ins and outs properly.
The whole device setup screen could be revolutionised also by having most of the information on the screen that the same time rather than tabs for inputs and outputs and control room etc


In Cubase 14 I wanted new algorithms for the Warp function and more plugins for Mastering.


I would love it if the External Hardware Plugin worked correctly. Favorites that actually save and work when you reload them! Some sort of upgrade to it where you didn’t have to continuously repatch everything every time it forgets your i/o would be nice. Like, why on earth aren’t the i/o for hardware routings saved per-session like most other modern DAWs? So crazy. If I have to record something, all my hardware routing is erased when I reload a previous mix session.

Also! The Generic Remote system has a bug where it never remembers what you setup unless you save the setting as an .xml file, then reload it. Then it remembers. This seems broken to me.

It’s stuff like this that as the years go by are still frustrating to use and they don’t get
fixed! I would pay money for a new version that worked 100%. Until then, I’ll stick with my trusty 10.5 which never crashes (Windows 10) and has a GUI I am familiar with that’s easy on the eyes.

An option to revert to the Cubase 12 GUI fir all future versions would be sweet. Some of us aren’t Gen-Z Ableton kids with 20/20 vision and time to relearn where everything us. The 13 GUI change was one of the worst decisions I can remember for Cubase’s history.

All in all, Cubase is still the King of DAWs as far as I am concerned. Completely love it. Many thanks to the devs. Just want it to be perfect. I miss the old GUI.


Make sure you are giving every entry a unique name. If two or more entries have an identical name they will not load the assignments in the lower part of the GR.

Just for clarification concerning the UI, you did try the current version, and not the first Cubase 13 release version? Because the UI has been overhauled in one of the maintainance updates.

I.m.o. Cubase 13 now looks very good.

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Hi all,

@MIDIBoss For me, the GUI it’s not problem. I love add fader mix on the left screen. After, normally, there should be a small function in the configuration interface whether or not we want the new UI, giving people time to adapt, telling them by x amount of time, the new UI will be for all time.

@Renato_Borges I follow on this point !

@HarrySound Even template created ?

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Yes it forgets the I/O mapping in almost every situation.
To be fair I am switching between devices a fair bit but it’s just annoying.
It would be good to set them all up and just have Cubase understand which one I want to use in any situation so “always default Steinberg UR28m when available”

Make Cubase 14 truly MPE compatible, or modify note expression system so that we can easily edit pitch on a per-note basis in a usable range : when recording MPE/Note expression with an Expressive E Osmose in Cubase 13, the pitch range is too large to be editable…

just stop changing everything every day, get back to longtime version with full maturity, and if possible self booting like in the old good day, to avoid non productive OS issues.

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1: Consistency (Cubase behaves the same wherever)
2: Reliability (everything works)
3: ESC closes/cancels dialogs.
I’m a simple chappie.

  • delete Groups straight from the Mixer
  • ability to select multiple parameters to create multiple automation lanes in one go in the More… menu
  • a revamped GM Drum maps, drum engine, and ability to CTRL click to select all drum hits in the GM maps the same was as in the key editor
  • chord pads ability to drag up and down right from key editor

And the big idea
an AI music assistant where we can give chord structures, tempo, styles etc… and have Cubase populate tracks with stems, audio or midi
like Udio but with stems to use as starting blocks for production

“Fiddly” is putting it mildly. Here’s a couple of things that are wrong with Cubase “Event Envelopes”.

  • No read-out of the curve points you add.
  • Envelope appears to be in percent or something rather than decibels¹.
  • No ability to add gain, only reduce.
  • Only the Draw Tool can be used for editing the curve points.

  1. Try the following. Create two audio clips with sine wave test tones. One at -12dB and the other at 0dB. Using the Draw Tool, add an envelope point on each Audio Event and then remove them. You should now have two events, each with a straight line at about 2/3 of the event. Note that the first track (with the -12dB test tone) peaks at -7.3dB. The second track (with the 0dB test tone) peaks at -16.6dB.

Ahem… That doesn’t check out.
If I create one point and then delete it I end up with no envelope.

But, as you might know, I am a big supporter of better event volume envelopes and totally support your other points.