Cubase 5.5.3 pre-announcement

Dear Cubase 5 Users,
As you may know, our latest version of Cubase 5 is currently 5.5.2. To show commitment to our loyal user base, we started to prepare the final Cubase 5.5.3 update shortly after finishing the Cubase 6 golden master.

This final update removes the wet-lock from REVerence if used on group or fx channels. We have also improved the stability of both VST Bridge and CD Audio import, as well as resolving the VST time info issue with host-synced plug-ins. Furthermore, we added some smaller fixes.

We aim to release the 5.5.3 update in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

All the best

Excellent step in the right direction! Thanks for showing the commitment to the userbase, well done. :sunglasses:

THAT … was fücking awesome!!! Not that I think I’ll need it but for those who do, it’s a welcome gesture! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


all right, you can start whining now! :mrgreen:

What is going on here!? What happened to the OLD Steinberg, that made us so angry? What happened to the Steinberg that canceled updates, released bug-ridden products and rarely followed through? This is UNACCEPTABLE! How dare Steinberg release another update to Cubase 5 – who do they think they are? This is an OUTRAGE for them to care about their customers, an OUTRAGE I tell you, and it disgusts me! Who is running the show over there? The sheer insanity! Pull him out of his office, drag him down the corridors of Steinberg headquarters, and then… GIVE HIM A RAISE!

Bravo, Steinberg. This is the type of customer service we’ve wanted for years.

And congrats on Cubase 6! I’ve been using it non-stop for days, and it’s the best “.0” release I’ve experienced in years! Keep up the good work!

Sweet, very very sweet.


I applaud Steinberg for this. Quite tempting to neglect the Cubase 5 users just because of the advent of Cubase 6 but you did not. I for one intend to keep C5 until I publish all my work for reasons I so formulated…One of them is, avoiding inaccessible projects after the C6 up-grade because of soft-ware clashes. So I’d rather buy a full version and start new projects with.

Keep it up guys!


GREAT!! :smiley:

Thanxs steinberg!!! Could you kick in Halion Sonic as well?? hehe
I’ve been using Q since 1989 on the atari st and baught every version since
dont i get a free upgrade to Qbase6? after all these years??? And What Ever Happened To Rocketnetworks???
get some online collaboration going again straight from the DAW…i mean come on…
Anyway, Thanxs again Steinberg … Your the best Danke

I think Yamaha/Steinberg have had enough of being known as a “difficult” company regarding customer service issues…There will always be complaints in someway or another.

Congrats Steinberg, now you are giving the customer priority,and I am 100% sure we all appreciate the steps in the right direction.

Not upgrading to 6 for about another few months, but I will in the end, so thanks for at least making my product feel valued.

and in adding the fact, of doing what seems to be, the best job of a Major release in almost all DAWS since 2000…well done!..Us steiny users really want to stick the fingers up at the MAC- LOGIC brigade ( for many immature, stupid reasons) FM mag’s “in the studio” series for one, which only helped to give the impression, professional Electronic Dance music can only, and is only made with Logic or Ableton, :laughing: )…and kudos for taking us in the right direction…(wow…wasnt 5 a complete headache eh?..but not near as bad as Ableton 8… and there is still tinkling going on, and you have moved up a full Major release…hehe !.. :smiley: Bravo!



You guys have just lifted the Steinberg brand to a new level and as a user I now feel that you are taking my commitment to your products seriously. This rocks!

Thanks guys.

That’s great news, thanks Steiny! I will upgrade to 6 later in the year, but while I have projects on the go I’m sticking with 5. So this final update is most welcome. :sunglasses:

that’s a good news.
please fix Cubase5.5.2 & halion3.5’s D&D bug,because these are made by steinberg!
i think it’s not a small bug.


Highly appreciated :exclamation:

Just wondering about the “Cubase 6 Golden Master” :wink:
Thought it is already out…

just what the c5 users need ,nice job steiny !

Good news :smiley:

Can anything be said about what exactly “improved the stability of both VST Bridge…” means? It’s a great thing that Steinberg is continuing to improve the VST Bridge as that has been one thing that many users have had issues with. I understand that the VST Bridge is not and can not be a perfect science. Some plug-ins just simply won’t work when bridged. What I’m mostly interested in is exactly what improvements are being made with each Cubase update that addresses this.

Is the update also available for Studio and Essential?

From those who plan to not upgrade, we salute you. :smiley: Nice move, much appreciated.

Can you slip group editing, the new comping method and note expression in there too? :mrgreen: Pleeze…? :smiling_imp: