Cubase 6.5 colors in Cubase 8.5?

Hi guys!

I wish to have the colorscheme for Cubase 6.5 into Cubase 8.5, I’ve downloaded 6.5 again and tried to make it right / copy the settings of Cubase 6.5 but I just can’t seem to get the same result.

Can you help me? I wish to have the exact same colors as Cubase 6.5 as the new Cubase 8.5 colors are too dark and doesn’t inspire me to make music at all.

What I need to know is the color of the project window and the Focus Zone Background mostly.

But if there’s a way to import the colors straight from Cubase 6.5 into Cubase 8.5 that would be even better.

How would you do this?

I would very much appreciate the help.





Unfortunately, you cannot import the colours from Cubase 6.5.

I don’t know, if this was already in Cubase 6.5, but in Cubase 7 and Cubase 8, you can right-click to any color in the Preferences of Cubase, and display the RGB code. Then you can Copy/Paste this code.

Thanks :frowning:

Yep it’s there, but I don’t think it’s possible to copy from one cubase to another. How do I store the RBG code somewhere else so I can copy it over from 6.5 to Cubase 8.5? thanks!

Try this:

If you want to add pastels to the above add this one too.

I don’t remember the 6.5 colors, but I can’t imagine you having too difficult of a time doing slight edits to get there.

thanks but I don’t see the point in getting more colors? do you really think it’s gonna solve the problem? :astonished:

I appreciate it though.

I downloaded cubase 6.5 but I can’t open it because my OSX is the newest, it says I need an older one, haha.

So I’m wondering if anyone here can give me the RGB codes for the colors for the project window and the Focus Zone Background? someone that has 6.5 installed? otherwise I have no clue how to solve this. and I really enjoy cubase 6.5 colorscheme to be honest. I feel so uninspired by the cubase 8.5 dark scheme

oh yeah I got one more question while I’m here.

I’m trying to find the keycommand for “Select all Events” but it doesn’t exist anywhere in the key commands editor! How can I find it?

Thanks alot for the reply guys! Appreciate it alot <3

no one? please? <3

I was thinking the amount of color presets would give you enough starting points to edit them and move toward the 6.5 colors. Are you not able to do that? I don’t remember much about the factory 6.5 colors, but apparently they were very different?

@Greggybud - The OP is not talking about event colours but about the look of the gui.

Entering the 6.5 colours into 8.5 is not going to make it look remotely similar anyhow. You better start getting used to it!

ColorSCHEME :exclamation: Thank you…time for an eye check!