Cubase 6.5 > Windows Update Vanished - resolved

Got about 95% through downloading the 6.5 Win update, then it stalled.
Now doesn’t show on asknet at all…
Ho hum.

You should have received an e-mail after purchase with a link to the download that’s good for 14 days.

Oh sure - I get to the download page ok. The Mac update is there (great) but the Windows update has vanished…

Bah! Still not back - tried different browsers and PCs.
Even thought I could sneak it and get it from the C6 support > C6.5 updates & downloads page.
Nope, just the manual & demo.
Ok has never failed me!
Except tonight. Not there.

Contact asknet support?

Your “clicked link” color is the same as the background?

BOOM! BOOM! very droll… :wink:
Yeah I’ve sent a missive over to the hive mind at asknet. I guess I’ll have to leave it for tonight now.

unless someone can send it over via yousendit etc and chuck me a PM?

still not showing…

Tsk - still not there. I don’t understand why the updaters arent just at the normal 6.5 downloads & updates page? You have to licence and activate (which I’ve done) the program to use it. I just don’t get not having some kind of back-up plan.
The only other thing I can think of, if it isnt a mistake, is that I’m now restricted to either a Mac OR Windows licence, and by downloading and activating by Mac I’m no longer allowed the Windows version??? Surely not.
Someone please tell me its just a cockup and not that!

OK I give up.
If any of you kind folks out there could PM a link to the Windows 6.5 Updater I’d really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.


I’m betting that you used a download manager to get the 6.5 update. Talk to Asknet, get them to reset the download, then download again, but don’t use a download manager.

Let us know if that works.

You know what, I did - iGetter. So you can only download a couple of times? Wow.
Ok thanks for the tip off. I’ll send the asknet hive mind another missive.

I think you can download up to 30 times, but a download manager screws up their settings (that’s a guess), making the Windows download file invisible, even if you’ve only tried say, twice to download it.

Well, asked them nicely again but looks like asknet only work monday to fridays 9-5 :frowning:
Please can someone help me out by forwarding a link or sommat?

Hm. Doesn’t seem to be available yet via the Downloads section. Just History and docs.
There was an announcement last week that there will soon be a maintenance update for C6.5 so maybe give it a couple of days.

Don’t know if this link helps:

from the 6.5 sticky at the top of the Cubase section of the forum.

Thanks but as Steiny deleted the alternative ftp download link in that thread it doesn’t really help.
A lot of people with problems though it seems - what a mess!

So can anyone hook me up? Please? I’m all activated and good to go!

Geez, over 24 hours have gone by - suppport emails sent to both asknet / steinberg.
No (non automated) replies.
For goodness sake, why isn’t this update just freely downloadable at the FTP/download pages?
I mean, you have to activate it and are forced to run it with a hardware dongle. This update would be of no use to someone who hasn’t bought it.
What a total dogs dinner ITsupport wise!

Patience for one more day, dear sir. I guess the weekend is screwed at their end for updating the FTP and main sites.
Should be something there on Monday. If not PM one of the moderators if you still can’t get through to support and get them to kick ass.
I’m thinking that if you haven’t had C6.5 to register then support would be doubtful although there’s usually some leeway so a PM might be quicker.