Cubase 7.5 Outrageous!!!

Went through the whole forum and not a single complaint about the functionality, or bugs in C7.5!!! :imp: :imp: :imp:

I had £50 saved for a Christmas present for my girlfriend, but now, she ain’t gonna get nothing!

I just …got to get Cubase 7.5!!!

See you in hell Steinberg!!!

SCANDOLOUS!!! … oh wait that’s a different thread …

it’s early yet , I doubt most people have finished downloading … give it time and then put your hardhat on :wink:

It seams to be rock solid here.

If she’s any good she’ll buy it for you :imp: :imp: :imp:

I think for $50 it’s a steal. I’m grateful.

Yes, it seems rock solid here too.
Actually, cubase now load a lot faster here, close without the “crash” message I always got…, seems more responsive. (The new eucon driver seems more efficient too). And the new features are really great for the workflow (track visibility and track versions)…
and no problem with UAD2 plugs, preferences not lost (I only had to copy the faderport.dll in the component folder of cubase 7.5, but that was it)…
so, for now, all really good ! :slight_smile:

Have a merry Christmas !

Got a spare box around?

Sorry guys but I am still reading posts about probs (some continuing)
with C7.5.

Locked out downloads:

Missing content

Crash on exit:

Alway on top bug:

GUI/graphics probs:

On hold here.

no problem here, don’t be sorry :slight_smile:

cubase 7 nerver worked so well. and I had now issue when downloading and upgrading license.

I agree this will be better when the plugins don’t disappear behind the console, and when we will have different shorcuts for zooming mix console and project…
but it’s already a big enhancement in workflow and reliability.
I have no more crash on exit contrary to some… and it was always the case before as soon as I installed UAD and mc mix and other third party software and devices (don’t know what caused the crash), not a big problem, but anoying. Now it seems fine.