OSC/Open sound control support request

Please, Osc implementation for Cubendo" and SOON!!! The rest of the world (Mac Logic/Live- users) are already enjoying this “revolution of the controller”, and it’s NOT going away anymore! FINALY nomore looking at your controller>computerscreen>controller, nomore boring mapping of cc’s, nomore limits to what you can controll, and it REALY works VERRY well!

Steinberg, I would realy appreciate it if you would look in to this, and answer some of my questions if you can. Thanks in advance! JB

And I’m realy happy sofar with how Cubase has grown, great work! (Maybe a mixer update with extra tabs so we can view all mixer parameters in one window? (Channel, EQ, inserts AND sends) My screens are big enough! Tip: since Steinberg = Yamaha, take a look at their apps for Ipad, their way of reaching, controlling and viewing the channel-eq is great! and also their way of controlling aux busses …) Oh and aren’t the aux faders a bit thin for touchscreens?..I have plenty of trouble reaching for them with my mouse…

And for anybody interested in Ipad control for cubase check out my original topic;

yes I agree. I use touchOSC literally all the time for basic control of MIDI Mod Wheel and MIDI Expression using sliders on the iPhone, which works amazingly well - perfectly stable and responsive.

But OSC support would open up a grand gateway of full Cubase control, so I’d like to see that!


I’m absolutely yearning for OSC support. MIDI is dead.
One (if not the most important) reason for me to switch back from Logic to Cubase is the high resolution of automation and I’m still enjoing that. But I don’t wanna be thrown back to that damn 7 bit precision of MIDI messages when I use my Touch controller (being my phone at the moment).



We definitly need native OSC support in Cubase. I’m using Reaper where I should use Cubase because of the lack of OSC support in Cubase.

I am waiting also here for osc. Cubase is losing the game if they wait to long with this.

For something that noone can live without, this thread is remarkably quiet though, for more than a year. Seems MIDI isn’t dead for most of us…

Every thing with remote control of cubase has always been real crappy. Hardwired things without any dynamic have some basic usage. I have a CC121. It works with the build in EQ etc hard-coded. For anything
else i use automap. It works but they have to hook every plugin in the hole system to be able do have the needed knowledge of what the plugin can do. Steinberg as a API for remote devices that can do a lot more
that the midi. But it’s closed under a NDA. I wish that they do a total refactor/remake of EVERYTHING that has todo with remotes to the cubase 7 release. OSC seems to be a very promising that should be part of that. But I don’t think steinberg will do it. Steinberg has always been very closed, and with yamaha as owner there is pressure, rather the opposite. Yamaha make hardware stuff and their dream is of course that all cubase customers only use yamaha hardware. But until people drops cubase and start to use more open solutions like mixbus/ardour there is no commercial pressure on steinberg. They will continue do develop thinks that looks good in the sales presentations and not what really needed in a studio.

They will continue do develop things that looks good in the sales presentations and not what really needed in a studio.

Ah, but does the Steinberg programmer not think “He only wants me to develop wireless remote technology so HE can look good in his studio and say ‘Look! No wires!’ to his clientele?”
That thinking works both ways. :mrgreen:

Be realistic and check it out in the other OSC implemented forums. There might be more than a few reasons for holding off development as you wait for the errors to arrive.
Leave insistence in the latest thing to the inexperienced who always want the new thing yesterday and cry when it doesn’t look as shiny as it does in the adverts.
Buying early is the same as buying cheap. You always buy twice.

Yes, OSC support please. Currently we need to run OSCulator in the background to get this functionality.