Cubase GUI lock up but not crashing

Hello everyone,

I have been experiencing a problem with Cubase 7.01 and I am not sure if it’s a known issue or if it has been reported before.
What happens is sometimes while I am using Cubase the GUI locks up, which means I cannot click anything in the application. For example clicking on the transport bar bears no response, I cannot click on menus, it’s like I am clicking on a screenshot of Cubase with no interaction. The weird thing is I can still access “always on top” windows such as Media bay by clicking F5 for example.
Having said that, the application itself does not crash. Windows task manager shows that Cubase is working as normal but my only option is to terminate the application from Task Manager.

This problem seems to happen completely randomly. I have only experienced it on Windows 7 64bit with Cubase 7.01 64bit. It never happens with Cubase 6.5.3 . Have not experienced that on OSX yet. Only thing that I have noticed to trigger it is that I have noticed it happens when I open Media Bay.

Anyone else experienced this one?

Thank you in advance

Maybe there’s a dialogue open somewhere waiting for your input?

Thank you for the reply. No, no dialogue. This happens completely out of the blue, I don’t need to do any specific action. The only thing I have observed is that it happens if I have used the media bay at some point. Other than that nothing special.

I’ve had that happen a couple times. Not recently, though. And it MAY have been with 7.0.

Strange thing was - as you say - the GUI locked up completely but Cubase continued working.
Controllable via key commands and my CC121.


I can’t replicate it, though. And I failed to notice what I did just before it happened.
So I am little help . . .

Edit: There were no windows waiting for input. The meters froze as well.

i suffer from the same issue. Cubase will freeze, clicking on anything with produce a “ding”. if i ctrl-alt-del, it shows cubase as running. thankfully i can save my project if ctrl-alt-del to close it.

I have been suffering from this issue since 6.5. It has been irritating. I have been able to save while the gui locks and at least in the initial stage I can stop and start the track using the keyboard. I usually manage to go for about an hour before it starts to happen. I have not opened media bay. I will try that.
One thing I might ask is do you use Kontakt? I have my suspicions.

Thank you everyone for the replies. Good to know I am not the only one.

Silhouette, yes indeed, I am using Kontakt, and as a matter of fact I am almost sure it was running every time this happened. What do you suspect ? :wink:

Never had that in C6.5 though. Not even once.

I am not sure really. It just seems that when I do have problems it is there. I use Session drums and Abbey Road Modern Drummer and they eat up the cpu and I am not sure that I had the CPU freeze before I installed Komplete 8. I can’t be certain of that. But hey, I have so many bloody plugins where do I start. I also have a weird problem loading send EFX. When I open the window to load a send efx the alphabetical list only goes to F and Cubase can freeze if I choose from this list, but if I use the + to expand the paths no problem. With what you are saying about Media Bay they seems to be some common thread but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
It is nice to know that it isn’t just me.
I can confirm all the issues reported by HughH.

yes, im sure i was in the middle of browsing files in Kontakt the last time the crash occured.

same lock ups here. I dont remember such issue in my previous C5.
C7 starts quite longer then C5
Spectrasonics samples (omnisphere and trillian) loads much much longer.

So for me C7 performs worse then C5 :frowning:

However I like the new look.

To me it sounds like a similar issue to what is mentioned in this thread:

The workaround proposed from Winter Rat is to “press Ctrl+W then “Cancel” and it responds again”.

Hope this helps…

I’ve been experiencing occasional mouse GUI lock-ups… for me, clicking on the desktop and then back to C7 frees it up again. I had figured it was some bug introduced with the new mixer as I hadn’t had this in C6.5

EXACTLY! Now that you say that I can clearly remember me picking a VSTi from the list, then pressing cancel and Cubase froze. Thank you for this, it’s also good to see this is on the bug list.

I will also try the solution to see if it works next time this happens.

The next update is due the beginning of Feb so hopefully! I’m not counting my chickens though.

In my case no. Separate output for DAW and Windows.

Me too! Only occasionally - happens with 6.5 as well.

If I minimise Cubase to the taskbar, then click on the minimised icon to unminimise?? (Whats the correct word for that?)
all goes back to normal.

I suspect that this post I made is related, although nobody else seems to have the same problem.


That does not work for me. In fact I have yet to find a way to get things going again without closing and re-booting Cubase. Luckily I am still able to save before closing. You know it is almost like a window is open waiting for a response and hidden under Cubase.

I was a bit confused about what you meant by a signature track?

Minimizing and restoring does not work for me either :frowning:

Thanks Emotive - my brain is old and tired!

@ Silhouette - Signature track = 3/4 4/4 6/8 etc
Right click in track list - add signature track

But not as tired or as old as mine!