Cubase iC Pro Troubleshooting

Dear all,

Thank you for purchasing Cubase iC Pro from Steinberg!

Cubase iC Pro gives you advanced remote control of your Steinberg DAW to get that recording session as smooth as possible.

Please make sure to follow these steps, to install and use Cubase iC Pro:

Your computer and mobile device are connected to the same WiFi network.

  1. Install Cubase iC Pro via Google Play or App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the Steinberg Remote SKI page to download and install the Remote SKI extension on your desktop computer.
  3. Follow the setup instructions on the Remote SKI page.

Here are a few things to try if you encounter issues when using Cubase iC Pro with Cubase:

  • Make sure your mobile device and desktop computer are connected to the same network.
  • Windows only: If Apple Bonjour is not installed on your system, follow the instructions on the Steinberg SKI web site to do so.
  • By default, the Windows Firewall blocks many programs. To establish a connection, Cubase requires communicating with Cubase iC Pro through the firewall. Please follow this official link provided by Microsoft to allow Cubase to communicate through the Windows Firewall.
  • Unplug and reboot your router, shut down and restart your mobile device and desktop computer.
  • In iC Pro: Tap the button to manually enter the IP of your computer (which is shown on the bottom of the Studio Setup/Steinberg SKI Remote tab popup screen.

Hope that helps to resolve your issues with Cubase iC Pro!

Enjoy being creative,

Hi how can I use the app full screen on iPhone 13 promax?

Dear Lars!

Thank you for the troubleshooting, but what if none of this works? Unfortunately, Cubase iC Pro keeps crashing each time I try to connect to my computer.
My setup: ASUS ROG Strix G533QS, Windows 11 Pro (with latest updates), Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, Cubase 12 Pro (12.0.70), TP-Link router, and WI-FI extension with 2.4 and 5 GHz networks both. Mobile device - Samsung Galaxy A13 (SM-A135F), Android 13. All the drivers, apps, systems, etc. are updated to the latest available versions.

All the prerequisite steps are made - SKI extension and Bonjour are installed as described in the installation instructions.
Also, all the steps you provided in this guide are completed:

  • I’m 100% sure, that my smartphone and laptop are connected to the very same network
  • Apple Bonjour is installed (as mentioned above) using the link from
  • Windows Firewall was configured properly (more on that below)
  • All the devices were rebooted (PC, mobile, router, WI-FI extension, internet modem), and network devices were unplugged from the power for more than 10 seconds
  • IP was entered manually, and after that, my computer was shown in the list, but when I tapped it - iC Pro closed immediately and instantly

Here is what I’ve tried as well:

  • iC Pro was uninstalled and installed again several times. On my latest attempts, I even tried to install a discontinued version and to have both apps (old and new) installed at the same time
  • I have 4 available WI-FI networks - 2 from the router and 2 from WI-FI extension, both for 2.4 and 5 GHz respectively, have tried them all
  • checked my VPN settings - VPN is disabled (NordVPN)
  • Windows Firewall: I’ve added Cubase.exe as an allowed app for my active network, tried to open UDP port 5353 for Bonjour in outcoming rules manually, changed my network type Private ↔ Public back and forth, and completely disabled Firewall for active network
  • IP settings chekced - IPv4, IP address is issued automatically
  • the last step is very confused me, but I also did it - as described in iC Pro troubleshooting from the Steinberg Support page “Two networks (and IPs) on the same computer can’t be used simultaneously. Please disconnect the Ethernet cable from the computer and then connect Cubase iC Pro via Wi-Fi/WLAN.” When I used iC via Chrome mobile - it wasn’t an issue, I have my wireless connection for the iC and Ethernet connection for my remote desktop, data exchanges between my machines, and most importantly - Vienna Ensemble Pro instances

Even with all these actions are made and parameters tweaked in different ways, result is always the same - iC Pro crashes after tapping on my computer in its “Select your computer” list

Additional attempts and thoughts:

  • before installing Bonjour, I checked my installed programmes and found “Bonjour”, from Apple, ver. I didn’t install it before on this machine manually, so probably, it comes pre-installed. And it differs from what Steinberg recommends (“Bonjour Print Service”, ver. Are they compatible? Should I uninstall one of them? Or they are different?
  • I’ve tried to connect to Cubase on my old laptop, using the old method via Chrome and it was successful. There are Windows 11 Home, Cubase 12.0.60, SKI, and no recommended Bonjour installation, only that same Bonjour Even with Ethernet network connected. After that I tried to do the same on my newer machine with no luck, even page is not loading

What I’ve missed or what should I do to make iC Pro work? Or is there an issue with the app and I need to wait for future updates? If so - can I help somehow, maybe provide any additional information or something else?

I decided to write here, not the support because anyhow, (looks like) your contact is shown in the support section on the app page in Play Market. Any assistance would be highly appreciated. :pray:


Hi all,

Our engineering evaluated the current crash problem, when using Cubase iC Pro with Android smartphone or tablet devices, that can only run 32-bit apps. Please expect the problem to be resolved in the next Cubase iC Pro update.


Hi @milad.ekhi,

We hope to have full screen support included in the next update.


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Hope there will be an update soon

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Hoping for an update soon. Who knows, maybe it will resolve my “No host found” error after I tap my Cubase computer host in iC Pro (Android).

Hi @milad.ekhi,

We hope to add full screen support in the next update.


Hi all,

Please note that Cubase iC Pro 1.2.6 has been released this morning, which adds full screen support for iPhone, and now works reliably on 32-bit Android devices and much more.

Please find out more right here: