Cubase ic Pro

Cant find the IC Pro App on the app store either by searching and direct link from steinberg page :frowning:

Can anybody remind me WHY they stopped supporting the PC platform? Nuendo was FOUNDED on the PC platform and Macs have been in steady decline for audio pros for several years now. So why is PC suddenly “not worth” Steinberg’s time?

It was the android version they stopped supporting. From what I remember, the issue was all the different hardware configs available to Android devices. Ipads are a closed platform while Androids are open to many manufacturers with many different specs. It became too difficult to for them to make sure it worked with different hardware…or so the legend goes.

Dear all,

On July 20, 2017, Apple released the latest iOS update version 10.3.3 and we are pleased to announce that this resolves former connectivity issues between Cubase iC Pro and supported Steinberg DAWs.

Please follow this link to learn more: