Cubase LE5 Download?

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I recently bought a Lexicon Alpha which came with a DVD-ROM of Cubase LE5 and a serial number. Though I have an external disc drive, it doesn’t read DVDs and so I can’t install Cubase. I was wondering if there was any way I could download the software instead?



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Hi, I have the same problem.

Bought Alesis Multimix8 usb FX, and I don’t have dvd on my retina mac. I tried to copy it from the dvd on another computer but its write protected (of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

Can you help me too?



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Hello gramophonedzie,

Also be advised if you are running Cubase LE6 or LE5 on a Retina display Macbook, there is a known issue with the resolution.

*Cubase LE5 is not officially supported beyond OSX 10.7 (it is not supported on OSX 10.8 or 10.9)

If you intend to use e.g. Cubase 6 on a Retina display MacBook Pro, it can happen that the graphical user interface (GUI) cannot be operated properly and it might not even be possible to select certain elements at all. There are steps you can take to correct this issue.

Quit the application if it is currently open
In the Finder, choose “Applications” from the “Go menu”
In the applications folder, select the application’s icon and press Command+I to open the information window
Check “Open in Low Resolution” to enable the low resolution mode.
Close the window and double click the application to reopen it.

Now, it should be possible to operate the application properly again.

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HI there, I had Cubase LE5 from an Alesis bundle but the cd is now broken due to a moving mishap. I need to put it on a new computer now (Windows 8).

  1. Where can I get the software for download?
  2. Will I have issues with it in Windows 8?

I also have the same problem, a scratched disc and I need to load LE 5 on my system.

I have the same issue that others are having, I purchased a Zoom R16 that came with Cubase LE5, however my laptop does not have a cd\dvd drive.


Sorry for the delay on this. For those of you who posted regarding needing a download for Cubase LE5 here is a link to a download for it.

This is a .ISO disk image you will need to mount the image in order to run the installer. If you are running Windows 7, Vista or XP, you must burn the .ISO file to a DVD-R and run the disc as the installer.

If you do not have a DVD burner and your Operating System will not mount the disk image, we recommend a third party program called virtual clone drive, which will mount .iso disk images if you have no way to burn them to a DVD-R.

*Lastly, please be advised that Cubase LE5 is officially not supported on Windows 8/8.1. It’s an older OEM product that was written for Windows XP, Vista and to a limited degree Windows 7. It may install on an unsupported Operating System, but it has not been officially tested by our developers for any potential glitches or bugs. We cannot offer you technical support for these potential issues because they are untested. We can only provide support for activation and registration to allow the ability to upgrade to a newer supported license of Cubase in the eLicense Control Center.

Windows 8.1 Compatibility Chart.

So how can I upgrade my LE5 to LE7? Also why is there no upgrade path from LE5 to Elements 7?

Like mentioned in below thread many people have got LE5 with some hardware and are now stuck with it:

Hello Mhelin,

I apologize for any confusion and I will try to clarify this more. Cubase LE is an OEM license bundled with 3rd party hardware, there is no direct upgrade from one LE license to another. The LE OEM agreement is between our developer and the manufacture of the hardware you purchased. The software you received is what the hardware manufacture purchased a license for to bundle with their hardware. If you received LE5 then the original purchase of the OEM license was probably when LE5 was current, and that company may have opted to not re-up the OEM license to keep current.

The reason there is no direct path to Elements 7 from LE4 or LE5 is primarily because they are both discontinued, though supported on compatible OS’s and LE6/LE7 are still supported. LE 6 and LE7 are also built off the same software. For instance, if you have LE7 you only need to purchase the Elements 7 license to unlock it’s features with no extra download needed. This is not the case for LE4 or LE5. Lastly, there are paths to upgrade LE4 or LE5 to either Cubase Artist 7.5 and Cubase 7.5 (Full). The upgrade price is the same for LE6/7 and Elements 6/7 customers.

For more information on this upgrade and pricing please use the following links:

Next, select the appropriate upgrade for the license you have (LE4/5/6/7) for the accurate upgrade price to be reflected.

I have the same problem. I bought Lexicon Alpha which came with a DVD-ROM of Cubase LE5 and a serial number, too. And the DVD doesn’t work. Need helps QQ

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I also have the same problem, a no disc and I need to load LE 5 on my system.Please link in PM)


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I have the exact same problem, I lost the box and disc to my lexicon alpha. Can anyone help??