Cubase LE5 download?


Then you need the Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Mac OS X.

I just attempted to install this tool - I got to the point where I had to choose my disk drive to download it too. I chose my disk drive, and it shows “Click Install to perform a standard installation of this software on the disk “diskname”” and yet the Install button is greyed out and I cannot click it. I also tried to navigate to the “custom install” but the whole page is white and there’s no options, and I cannot click Install button either as it is also greyed out

… I cannot post more. I have hit my limit. So I am editing this post now? lol.

What do you mean by “Mount the ISO”?


Did you mount the ISO? This should be the disk, the installer tool is asking for.

Hi Martin, due to being a new member, I could not reply any more times to that last thread - So here I am hoping you will read this and continue to help me get Cubase LE 5 running.

I’ve searched on google how to “Mount the ISO” but the Installation of COREAudio will not let me choose the newly created “mounted disk”, can you please explain further what you mean by “Mount the ISO”? Thanks!

Edit: for clarity, it tells me “CoreAudio2ASIO Update v2.0 can’t be installed on this disk. You can only install this sfotware on the disk that is running MacOS.”


Please, follow the steps, described in the link I posted above:

  • *Installation using a downloaded medium (*.dmg or .iso): Double-click the downloaded image file to mount it, which means opening it as a virtual drive in a new window.
  • Leave the window as it is. Do not start the installation!
  • Instead, download the Steinberg Application Installer Tool.
  • After the download has been completed, double-click on the downloaded file Steinberg_Application_Installer_Tool.dmg.
  • A new window opens. Inside, double-click on the ‘Steinberg Application Installer’ to start the utility.
  • If the tool recognises the already mounted installer, the installation will be suggested within a newly opened dialog box.
    Click on [OK] to start the installation.

I have done all of this and am still resulting at the end that the install button if greyed out.

The Application installer tool recognizes the COREAudio2ASIO.dmg file and asks “Do you want to install x”, I click yes, and it brings up the same installation process as before, and at the end when I choose my disk drive, the install button is still greyed out.

EDIT: I open the file to “mount it”, I leave the window ias it is. I double click the Stainberg Application Installer Tool, it pops up a window asking “Doyou want to install COREAudio2ASIO?” I click ok, it brings up a small window that has a load bar saying “Preparing installation”, it finishes, and then closes that pop up. it then opens up the same window that would open up if I weer to just double click the COREAudio2ASIO.mpkg file. From there, when I get to the installation section, the install button is greyed out.

Hopefully that gives more context


What kind of file do you get as Cubase LE 5 installer.

Btw, what macOS version do you have? Most probably, the very old Cubase LE 5 is not compatible with the macOS anymore at all.

the Cubase Installer gives me a .dmg and it says my mac doesnt support it says: “You need at least Mac OS X 10.5.0 to install this software”. Im running Catalina currently. lol.

Is there any way to confirm this? I need a recording software by friday night. Any other reasons why the install button would be greyed out?


In this case, the Installer Tools might help.

I’m quite sure, there will be some problems with Cubase 5 on macOS 10.15.

In that case, I would recommend to download Cubase Elements 11 Trial and consider to buy current Cubase (11) version, which is compatible with current macOS.

I liked the interface for LE back then. Is it possible to upgrade to the LE version 7 or 8 or something compatible? Rather than purchase the newest softwre? Is upgrading available and how do i do it?


You should be able to update to the latest Cubase LE 11. You can do so from your MySteinberg account. You can also upgrade to the highest edition, like Cubase Elements 11.

With Cubase n 11 license, you can run any olde version of the n edition. So with Cubase LE 11 license, you can run Cubase LE 10, LE 8, LE 7…, with Cubase Elements 11 license, you can run Cubase Elements 8, Elements 7…

Im looking to spend as little money as possible as i already own this software. Could i not upgrade to Cubase LE 7 or 8 for less money than purchasing/upgrading to LE 11? I only need tecording software i do not need bells and whistles. Im also looking to do this as cheaply as possible. I am not happy about having to repurchase.

How much would it cost me to “upgrade” to LE 7 or the oldest, compatible version?


You cannot update to Cubase LE 7. You can update to the current latest version only, what is Cubase LE 11 at this moment.

I see that it is priced at 150$ to upgrade from Cubase 10.5 to 11. So since I’ve got Cubase LE 5, am I not entitled to upgrade, since I do not own Cubase 10.5?


This is not LE update. I expect you refer to Pro update. LE updates are much cheaper.

Where can I find the LE update? I cant seem to find it anywhere.

Edit: I only see Cubase Pro 11, Cubase Artist 11 and Cubase Elements 11


As far as I know, you can find it in your MySteinberg account.

Please tell me exactly where to find this “upgrade” button. There is no such place in the MySteinberg account areas that ask me to upgrade. Also - I need to know whether my PreSonus Audiobox 1.8 will be compatible with Cubase LE 11.



Sorry, I don’t know exact place, I don’t own Cubase LE. But I have seen many users, whose updated from their MySteinberg to the latest Cubase LE.

Yes, Cubase is compatible with any Audio Device with ASIO Driver.

yeah, theres no option to upgrade to Cubase LE. It’s possible to upgrade to Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist and Cubase Element. But LE is not even mentioned anywhere on the cubase side of this site.

What is the difference between LE and Elements?

Also, my interface uses ASIO drivers, but when I check online, it says the universal control doesnt work any longer for 1.8. Is there no way to check for sure before I spend my money?