Cubase loops and samples missing

helo ,i have a problem with my cubase 12 element loops and samples …suddenly everything is missing …can anyone help resolve this

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you download the content from the Steinberg Download Assistant and install it again, please? If you are on Windows, install it as administrator, please.

cubase 12 element loops and samples missing even after downloading and reinstalling download assistant


Could you try to re-download and reinstall the library, please?

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First, press F5 to open the MediaBay, and make sure that no filters are active, then click the rescan button at the top of the window:

If the content still doesn’t show up, do the following:

  • Close all programs.
  • Open the “Run” command prompt by pressing the Windows logo key + R simultaneously.
    In the command line of the ‘Run’ window, enter the following path shortcut:


  • A new Windows Explorer Window opens.
  • Locate the folder ‘Steinberg’ and open the folder ‘Cubase 12_64’.
  • Delete these files (to keep a backup, simply copy them to the Desktop before):


Next time you start Cubase, the deleted files will be rebuilt.


thank u sir…my loops and samples got back…a big thanks


This worked like a dream,

Thankyou so much,

Great! IT WORKS PERFECTLY … I wasted a lot of time installing and uninstalling…

Thank you @Romantique_Tp
Saved me wasting alot of time

Perfect :slight_smile: now we need to use cmd to make cubase work;) it doesent work to reinstall as admin, i have only 33k files and before 39K somthing. And i have Done everything right.


You can do it directly in the File Explorer. Just type %appData% to the path. No Cmd needed.

Btw, this what we call trash Cubase preferences folder, in this case trash dedicated preferences files.