Cubase Plug-in Sentinel: Blacklisted plug-ins

In case you have issues with your plug-ins being blacklisted by Cubase 9, please have a look at this article on why this might have happened and what you can do - if you really have to.

  1. IMO, there needs to be a way to turn ‘Sentinel’ OFF–like ASIO Guard. At least until you guys have more real-world feedback. Disabling 32 bit support is too huge a leap with no prior warning.

  2. Said it before, say it again: you guys need to COMMUNICATE. A big change like this should have been communicated to users MANY MONTHS ahead of time. I’m sure there would’ve been yelling, but so what? At least users like me would’ve had -time- to prepare!

My work is constantly re-using material from many years ago. So almost the biggest thing -I- need is backward compatibility–or at least a way to migrate older work to the newer versions without too much pain.

With no prior warning, I feel stuck… I like the new features of C9, but the unexpected cost of losing a TON of plugs is a real gut punch.

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To be fair Suntower - they did communicate this, I knew a month or two before


Not only that, but you can always go back to a previous version of Cubase if you need to work on older projects. It’s not like you have to get rid of all of them today.

That said, there are plenty of 64 bit plugins available nowadays. I’m sure you can replace any 32 bit plugin with current 64 bit ones.

Also, this:

I agree with the need for 32bit support.

I use some very cool old organ and percussion vst’s that are obsolute, never be 64 bit, and I have tons of projects with them.

Imagine if your old 1176 hardware would no longer work because, new connectors.


Yes, I get it. But how long have developers, and users alike, have had to switch to 64bit? There’s a point where you need to move forward, and sometimes that means not supporting old code. It’s been 11 years since the first 64bit DAW came out, which I believe was Sonar 5. I think it’s time to move forward, especially considering that most problems encountered by users is due to unsupported and/or bad behaving 32bit plugins. This is a smart move by Steinber, IMO.

I haven´t used 32bit plugins for 4 years. Best stability upgrade I ever did.
And also to be fair, we knew this was coming. It should have happened already with C7 if you ask me.

And on the other side. Avid broke the 32bit plugin path years ago. Loud cries there as well. But getting rid of the horrendous RTAS architecture was a bliss for PT users in the long run.


i just tried to re activate ozone 5 …it failed…how could that be…???

How did you know this? How was it communicated?



This news article from June:

The support of 32-bit technology in our applications will be discontinued.

I have a few plugs that I don’t want (or can’t) replace. I’ve been trying to put all 32bit plugs under jbridge. Perhaps I was foreseeing the day like this would come some day :stuck_out_tongue:.

It’s a little too early to tell, but so far jbridge seems to be working fine with C9.

well I have the same problem with my UAD-1 but I think i will open a new post for this so maybe i will get more direct answer, but its very disappointing

I have two 64-bit plugins that are affected:

Relab’s LX480 Complete (pretty much a Lexicon 480L, amazing verb!!!)
Cableguys ShaperBox (just released)

I’ve emailed both companies.

Do you guys have any other 64-bit plugins disabled?


P.S.: Is there any further information I can gather to send to devs? I can’t see some sort of validation log or diagnostic report as to why these failed that I can send them.

DITTO! If a plug-in refuses to be ‘re-activated’, there should be some sort of Reason Code or Log.

On OSX 10.11.6 Pro9 Steinberg’s own "The Grand 3 (3.1.1) is blacklisted despite being a 64bit VST3. Hmm. Should I update to macos sierra then? Seems like that will just add more problems. :frowning:

Clearly, you didn’t read this thread/article: … r-Cubase-9

Hi all,

dropping 32-bit has been announced in June, right.

The new VST Scanner have been announced to developers in advance as well of course (in August), providing a tool to check if their plug-ins crash on scanning (here is part of the communication, obviously omitting code / tools / download / contacts:
So, VST developers didn’t wake up to a surprise yesterday. Many of those affected by issues / blacklisting, have contacted directly by our developers, some actually have fixes ready.

For those who still rely on a few 32-bit only plug-ins, jBridge still works fine.

If you have VST2 / VST3 64-bit plug-ins getting blacklisted, please let the developer know, they usually know where to get in touch for VST SDK related info, if not, they can contact Steinberg Support, we’ll forward the info to the proper people.

UAD1 runs fine under jbridge here on C9 win7 64!