Cubase Studio Weeks - Sale

Hi Matthias, If I buy a full version of Cubase Element 11 (which comes with a new software eLicense), then could I keep both software: Cubase LE 11 (with old software eLicense) and Cubase Element 11 (with new software eLicense) together as two separate independent software installed in my computer?

Yes, absolutely.

Yes, that’s this upgrade:

Cubase Pro 11
Upgrade from Cubase Elements, LE (4 or higher), AI, Essential, Studio, SX, SL or Sequel

What an awesome deal, thank you!

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That’s possible (but you’ll then be paying full price for the full Elements version - no discount) .

You would be much better off taking advantage of the current ‘Buy Artist - Get Pro’ deal! :smiley::sunglasses:
If so, you will also keep your LE 11 version, which seems you wish to.

And, in addition, you can also use the current upgrade sale to get your secondary LE license up to Elements instead.

Thanks, Matthias, you’re always there to answer & help us quickly and diligently. Much appreciated :+1::+1::+1:

Hi, that’s good suggestion. You’re right, as I need two separate independent Cubase software to be installed in two different computers. The separate purchase of a full version of Cubase Artist 11 (which offers for a full version of Cubase Pro 11) is a gift for my better half.

As for the separate purchase of a upgrade version of my present Cubase LE 11 to Cubase Element 11, pls confirm the following:

Presently I’ve this software eLicense valid for both Cubase LE 11 and Retrologue 2 (which I use frequently) installed in my computer.

Now, according to your suggestion to purchase a upgrade version from Cubase LE 11 to Cubase Element 11, which will come with a new software eLicense (to replace the old software eLicense), would the new software eLicense covers both Cubase Element 11 and Retrologue 2?

According to the Steinberg website, the Cubase Element 11 doesn’t include Retrologue 2, and the new software eLicense (for Cubase Element 11) is to replace my old software eLicense (after the upgrade). However, my old software eLicense is valid for both Cubase LE 11 & Retrologue 2. So, if the new software eLicense (for upgrading from Cubase LE 11 to Cubase Element 11) doesn’t cover the use of Retrologue 2, then I will not be able to use the Retrologue 2 for my work any more. This is one of my main consideration for this upgrade purchase. Pls confirm this urgently for me, before my upgrade.


The Upgrade will only replace the LE license with Elements. Retrologue will still be available of course.

Great, Mattias, heartfelt thanks again for your speedily kind reply and patience in answering all our endless questions. Will proceed to place the order! Thumbs up for your good service :+1::+1::+1:

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Gotta say, huge thanks for this sale. I just got the Steinberg Guitar Kit which comes with full version of Artist license, and it upgraded to Pro version via the download code. If anyone wants to get a great deal and plays guitar, this offer is “off-the-hook” and a perfect road into Cubase for anyone on the fence looking in.

I’m so happy that I’ve got a second license for my laptop now. Although it won’t see as much use as my main machine, it means I no longer have to carry around my USB dongle “just incase”, and that means I’ll be using Cubase on both, rather than Studio One/Reaper on my laptop. …And that makes me very happy. :slight_smile:

I paid for the upgrade from version 10 to 11. In I registered under my other e-mail and made a purchase under it.
I received an "Order Confirmation"to this my e-mail. In which there is a “Download Access Code”.
Tell me, please:

  1. Will it be a problem that I am registered with another e-mail address for" MySteinberg"?
  2. Please tell me step by step what I should do next to update to version 11.
  3. After the update, will I have only the 11th version on my PC, or will 10 also remain?

It’s not a problem that you have different accounts for the shop and MySteinberg.

There is a step by step video guide at

Basically you need to enter the download access code in the Steinberg Download Assistant first, then install each package of Cubase 11 (core application, VST instruments, Loop Set, etc.). The SDA will also activate Cubase 11 on your dongle as long as it is connected to your system.

After the update you will have both, Cubase 10 and Cubase 11 on your system.

I entered the download code, got a new license.
Now I see my purchase in the “Steinberg Download Assistant” (Cubase 11 pro), but for downloading I do not see the full version of Cubase 11, but I only see the possibility to install 11.0.30 with a size of 553 MB, is this what I should install?

Yes, that is the installer of the Cubase Pro 11.0.30 core application.

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Good! While the 11th will be downloaded and installed, can I work in the 10th? Or is it better to “go for a smoke”:)?

Oh, it was very fast, I expected 30 GB…
Everything worked out, thank you, good luck to you!

If I register Cubase artist 10.5 will that also get the free upgrade to Pro 11?

You will only get the free upgrade to Pro if you activate Cubase Artist during the Cubase Studio Weeks. Registering an already activated version won’t do the trick. But the upgrade from Artist to Pro is also on sale right now.

I have Artist 10.5 which is brand new, so if I activate/register that for the first time this week, will I get Pro 11?
I don’t know the terminology for activation/registration, but this is brand new sealed box.

Ok then! Just enter the DAC that you will find in the box into the Steinberg Download Assistant and you will automatically be upgraded to Cubase Pro. You can find a video that describes the installation process and the download link of the SDA at

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I’m about to upgrade from 8.5 pro (edu). From my understanding I can get the 11 pro version by purchasing the update from 8.5 pro version, or is there some upgrade alternative for the edu version?