Cubase Studio Weeks - Sale

For what’s it worth, I’d be very surprised if there are no physical stores in London that sell the USB key if there are major delays in shipping and it won’t make it in time.

Hi there thanks for getting back to me so quick, i ordered it on the 13th so 2 days ago.

yeah im sure i can find it somewhere else in London even on Amazon i found it and delivers it quick ,if it doesn’t arrive i will have to do that ,but i already payed for it, i mean if they are doing these promotions they have to make sure they can deliver though

@V4MP, I would be willing to bet that if the USB-eLicenser doesn’t arrive in time you could get things sorted out if you have your proof of purchase date. Something along these lines (from the FAQ link in the first post) …


i have a question about crossgrade. I have a license for Reason 7, but i bought the software 2nd hand. So i dont have an invoice of the original buyer. I guess that i can’t use the crossgrade option?

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Please provide screenshots of your Propellerheads account and your Reason serial number as a proof of purchase and you should be good.

I will give this a try, thanks for the quick response.

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Apart from a delay in shipping if someone was to order an upgrade and required a USB E-license for delivery to New Zealand would there be any perceived problems with the delivery? Thanks in Advance

I bought Cubase Artist 11 and I’ve got my package today but the sticker on the back of the box says “Cubase Artist 10.5 Retail” - is that ok please? My intention is to use this Artist version to upgrade it to PRO - will that work? Is it normal that version 11 is shipped as 10.5 Retail please? I contacted the store where I bought it but unfortunately they had a very little clue about it. Many thanks

Any Cubase activation that is done results in putting the latest version’s license on your system.

Yes, even if you bought Cubase Pro 8 from 2014 and didn’t activate it till now. So it’s a non-issue.

This is good for local stores, they don’t have to worry about their stock losing value if they understand how it works, which some don’t.

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No thanks, I’ll wait for Cubase 11.5 and even then see if worths the upgrade. because as far as people are saying, moving to C11 from C10.5 it’s just a waste of money.

Taking advantage of these offers I purchased an upgrade to my Cubase pro 10.5 and my Cubase elements 10.5.No problems with the pro upgrade but when I activated the upgrade of the elements install cubase elements 11 did not appear in the list at My steinberg,I tried to register the e-liecenser at My steinberg but it reported “e-liecenser depricated”,After some investigation I used the elc-installation helper and got a new e-liecenser but my activation code now does not work because it has already been used,any thoughts on this,thanks.

Hi, I have never purchased any product from Steinberg and I really want to buy Cubase Pro 11.
However, it says it is not yet available. Is the program exclusive to only US? If it isn’t I would appreciate how I can purchase Cubase Pro 11.

In July you can purchase Cubase Artist 11 and you will get Cubase Pro 11 as long as you activate it in July. We just took Cubase Pro out of the shop during the promotion to make sure that no one buys Pro at full price.

Oh, I see.
Thank you very much.

Hello, I have questions about upgrading. I have Cubase LE 4 which I bought off hands a while back. I haven’t used it for some time, and after moving I can’t even find the CD anymore, but it is listed as activated in my Steinberg account. It’s on a soft eLicenser. Can I still upgrade? And am I eligible for the promotion? Also, what happens if I don’t receive the dongle before the 1st of Aug? Thanks in advance.

Hey, no worries. You can upgrade already. You will have to wait for the dongle to arrive before upgrading though. You can activate it after the promotion has ended.

Thank you for the prompt reply!

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Hi Matthias,
I am interested in crossgrading to Cubase Pro 11 however before I make that step I would like to ask a question. Currently I am an owner of one of the products that qualify for the crossgrade. If I crossgrade to Cubase Pro 11 will I have to give up a product I am crossgrading from or I can still own it and be able to upgrade it should the new versions be available. In other words will I own both products and be able to upgrade them in the future?

Hey, no worries. You will still own and be able to use your old product after the cross grade. My grandpa used to say though that sometimes the best way to grow is to subtract.*

*(He didn’t say that. I made it up.)

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