Cubase Vocoder

I heard there was a Vocoder on board on V6? Anyone know where it is?

There is no vocoder with C6. Where did you hear that?

There is an older Steinberg Vocoder that will work if you can get hold of it…think it disappeared from V5.

You can get it for free here:
There were also some other fine plugins from the SX versions which disappeared after C4, like Quadrafuzz (totally unique and awesome distortion plugin!) and the old Multiband Compressor, which in my personal opinion was a a lot better then the present one…! Not to mention some old synths like CS40, JX16 or A1 or even Neon! Most audio-software companies are increasing their plugin-packs with every next version, while Steinberg are actually replacing some of their own with new ones, god knows why…

These old, sorry… legacy plugins will only run in Cubase 5 o 6 on Windows, no update for IntelMacs. I guess, that´s the reason, why they are not included in the normal installation anymore.


Then they should be updated, not removed!!! We have paid for them when buying the old versions!!!

I am using the Vocoder - runs fine. That is, just now I had a “VstBridge connection lost”.


while Steinberg are actually replacing some of their own with new ones, god knows why…

I may have this all wrong but I believe that it might have to do with legal stuff.

Steiny made deals with plug-in developers and those deals are no longer in effect so they had to replaced/discontinued some stuff.

The intel/mac thing might also be a reason because they want Cubase to still be a cross platform app.

Quadrafuzz/Neon bring back some old memories tho’.

Not free, but check out Matrix by VirSyn. Fantastic vocoder!
(And is also available as VST3.)

Use them with your old version then !!! :unamused:
I can use Vocoder in C5…

I don’t personally have an issue with these plugins, I am using PC and they all (still!) work for me just fine, the problem actually is for the newer Mac users as some of those plugins are not available for the latest Intel-based Mac computers, such computers simply came on the market after Steinberg officially dropped the support (and updates!) for those old plugins.
Not sure about running those plugins on Win7 and 64bit systems in generall, since I am using old-fashioned 32 bit XP.

I am using a lot of the old plugins on my Intel Mac.

Se here:

Well that sucks.

Have they put a spectral analyzer plugin on board yet?

So you actually open c5 just to use the plugins that have disappeared?
Welcome to the much-predicted “Life now that Yamaha partnered with Steinberg”.
Trust me there’s a lot more to come. For an idea of what’s to be expected from a company
that also makes golf clubs and speed boats and fishing poles… go to the music store and
have a hands on with ANY music gear Yamaha has ever made…they are celebrating 50 years of f*ing CLUELESS.

You can use the ‘pitch correct’ plugin in C6 as a vocoder.

And a couple things they have recently updated (adding 64 bit) that aren’t included with the Cubase install.

Also not free, but check out Lector by Waldorf. Brilliant vocoder!
(And is also available as VST3.)

Windows and Mac versions in various bit/AU/VST flavors.

Works well and free.

Go do a search for my most recent post. I’ve owned Cubase since 1990.
The day I heard yamaha took them over I KNEW this kind of shit was going to happen.

I found your most recent post …

Or do you mean your contribution to the “thread from the dead”?