Cubase won't install

Cubase won’t install


For some reason, Cubase doesn’t install.

I have a Cubase LE license. Steinberg Download Assistant shows what programs I can download with my license, and I’ve downloaded Cubase LE 11 for Windows.

My Steinberg account shows both the Download Access Code and the Activation Code.
The activation status is: “Not yet activated.”

In the “eLicensers” tab, there there is no information, it’s empty.

I installed Steinberg Activation Manager too, and it shows “No Licenses Found”.

I attach a screenshot of the eLicenser Control Center on local machine (top image)

Now the problem is that Cubase LE doesn’t install (any version- 10, 10.5, 11).
When I run Setup.exe, the installation window pops up, then an error message is thrown.
I attach a screenshot with the respective situation (bottom image)

I have to close it and nothing happens; the program doesn’t install.
I tried many times, I restarted computer, etc., but same result. My OS is Windows 10 x64.

I checked the article titled " Error message: Installation package for Steinberg Library Manager cannot be found", on Steinberg site, which suggests uninstalling Steinberg Library Manager and HALion Library Manager.
However, I don’t have any of those packages installed. What I already have installed is these three apps:

  • Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Steinberg Download Assistant
  • Steinberg Install Assistant

Another observation is that the Library Manager won’t install either!
(The installer window disappears after a few seconds, even without a warning message.)

I recorded the ‘installation’ process, I attach the mp4 file.

So… my question is how can I install Cubase LE properly?

Any hints are welcome.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Which Cubase Installer exactly did you download from the Steinberg Download Assistant, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the warm welcome.
I downloaded Cubase 11 LE, like in the attached screenshot.

But that’s not Cubase 11 LE. This is:


Actually the file name is the same (Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_11.0.40_Installer_win.exe) for both products, and the installer packages are exactly the same size, to the byte (445,605,640 bytes).

But anyway, I downloaded the Cubase LE 11 as you suggested even if it’s the same and tried to install.

And I’m getting exactly the same error, please see screenshot



Try to download the installer from Cubase 11 installers link, please.

Thanks. Is the installer package different if downloaded from the site…?
And I think my license covers only the Cubase LE, not the Pro version…

Hello @Ranger,

I guess the best thing you can do (if the links below don’t works) is a fresh install of Windows 10 (version 11 isn’t still stable in my opinion) and then install the Steinberg Download Assistant to complete the procedure.

Hope you help you! :wink:

Hello @Ranger , try these links. :slight_smile:

Cubase 11 AI-LE >> Cubase AI 11 / Cubase LE 11 Downloads | Steinberg
Cubase 11 ELEMENTS >> Cubase Elements 11 Downloads | Steinberg

Thanks, I just downloaded from site and tried to install, and same thing again- I attach screenshot.

You can try to uninstall every Steinberg application.
Look at this old thread: How To Completely Un-Install Cubase ?

It might be the permissions for your user account on the machine, and a selection to install for All Users, in which case your account would not have permissions to the files. I don’t remember the details, of the process, and the questions asked, but this is an issue with many Windows installers. You could also try and install the Library Manager first independently. Though, my recollection of this process is pretty bad even though I have done it, or walked someone through it over 100 times.

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Cubase A1 wont install

I’ve spent hours trying to work this out. Have activation codes and have tried but still wont install. Im in Australia and there doesnt seem to be support for this country. Does anyone know how to help please.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

As I can see the green ✓, I would say, Cubase has been installed. Can you see blue Cubase icon at your desktop?

You are on Windows, right?