Cubase6 on XP: Cannot kill process after crash

I appreciate that XP is not officially supported but I hope that does not preclude me from trying to seek support from the community…

On XP Pro, If Cubase 6 crashes for any reason, then “cubase6.exe” process hangs around (in Task Manager) and refuses to die, despite all attempts to kill it, thus locking all resources such as ASIO, etc…

The only way to get rid seems to be a reboot.
(You can try this yourself: start cubase, then “end process” the “cubase6.exe” task via task manager - does it die or not?)

Is this an XP thang?

I have tried carious process-killing utilities but nothing seems to work…

Thanks guys

hi funky

i’ll try it just before i shut my system down , i take it c6 has crashed on you on xp ?
any idea’s on what caused it , 3 party plugin’s ? are you running sp3 with net frame 3.5 sp1 ?


this has been extensively discussed on the older forum, and i have experienced many crashes with other versions of cubase under win xp, as from what i remember that has been said, since it is a multithreaded process and it is impossible to terminate it, the process remain stuck in the memory and it causes data corruption, the only way for you is to reboot your computer.

I use one free tool named “Process Explorer” from Sysinternals.

When Cubase hangs, what I do is lower the priority and kill the process. Then it will take some minutes to close but it will terminate in the end. In fact, I think I don’t need to do anything with the priority, just need to have some patience. Ok, a lot of patience.

Since I usually work with lots of programs at the same time, rebooting is not a valid option, and as I said Cubase usually ends closing itself after some minutes.

Just try it.

I have the very same experience = it will close after some time eventually thus no need to reboot, just wait.

yes , I don’t think that this is a new issue for Cubase 6 and win XP.

It happened to me often enough on Cubase 5.5 :exclamation:

Why are Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.5 no longer supported?
To ensure the best user-experience we only support officially the latest operating systems available.

It happens to me in Windows 7 64 bit too. And it’s the same, kill the process and waaaaaaaaaaait.

here we go again , there are plenty of other in depth threads on that subject !

Ghost Decoy wrote

To ensure the best user-experience

which sounds suspiciously like M$ speak. I am currently using XP SP3 and Windows 7 64-bit. My XP is on an older slower machine but works flawlessly with whatever I throw at it. My new all singing and dancing machine with 64-bit everything works pretty well too, but the file views in W7 irritate the hell out of me. Why, when expanding a folder, does the target folder drop to the bottom of the screen???

On the other hand XP does nothing at all to irritate me, it just gets on with it.

So - MY customer experience, at least with the operating system, has taken an expensive step backwards! This upgrade pressure flies in the face of the old adage - “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. It’s not customer experience driving us along this path, it’s $$$. I’m all for progress, I just don’t like all the spin.

By the way Cubase 6 is amazing. I’m sure it’s just as amazing on XP though - so why no official support? Is Steinberg being bullied by M$?

The crashes I’ve had so far were caused by 3rd party VSTs when loading a project (as far as I can tell)
I have XP Pro with SP3, .Net 3.5 with SP1

C6 itself seems otherwise stable in my XP system

EDIT: What the hell do you have to do to set a signature in this forum? I’ve looked everywhere…
Is it a secret?

which sounds suspiciously like M$ speak

It’s not.
Just what Steinberg says.

For every OS you add you need to test Cubase just as hard as for win7 and it takes some extra time off from exploring the future. If Steinberg put their name on a official support statement they have some legal obligations to consider, just in case of some jackass clowns decide to do what they do best: screw things up. Idiots rule the world, in the end. No matter what you think of it, XP just won’t happen again, so we might as well move on.

At the same time, Cubase seems to work just fine on XP, so don’t upgrade your OS unless you need to! :sunglasses:

Aren’t we all, directly or indirectly? :wink:


I did some more testing.
If I don’t reboot after a C6 crash, then exactly 5 minutes later, the process disappears and I can restart cubase.
But if C6 crashes for a second time, then exactly after 5 minutes I get the Blue Screen Of Death
(module KS.SYS stop code 0xCB DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS :frowning: ) :open_mouth:

So it’s looking like I need to reboot after every crash (?)
(I never had to do this in C5, the process always terminated itself and was able to restart, many times)

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Sorry, it wasn’t intentionally! The forum has been filled up with XP topics lately …

what did steiney say when you contacted support?

oh that’s right C6 isn’t even supported on XP.


I don’t expect support from SB for this.

Please stay on topic.

Could be, that it is XP problem after all. C6 works fine here on XP SP3, but I remember having to wait some minutes with C5, after it crashed. Same with C6.

I noticed in forum, whenever there is a problem with C6, first question of moderators is “which OS do you use”. I suspect, that if answer was “XP”, their reply would be “there you have it”. I thought it was kinda funny at first, but now it makes me think a bit…

Could be, that after all there is some good reason for Steinberg to drop support for XP. Do Win7 users experince exact same problems as XP users? Crashes, cannot kill process, need to reboot… Sounds exactly like OS problem. Maybe C6 really just doesn’t work so well on XP, little things, like this one that you are describing in this thread, crash, cannot kill, reboot…

FunkyDrummer said

Please do not hijack this thread !

Sorry FunkyDrummer - I hate it when that happens too! Anyway - on topic - I went through a phase of being unable to stop Cubase.exe but I found that killing SYNSOPOS.exe in Task Manager had an immediate effect.