Cubasis 1.9.8 update available

Dear all,

Cubasis has been updated to version 1.9.8 and adds lots of great new features, improvements and fixes and is now available through the App Store.

Cubasis 1.9.8 Teaser

Cubasis 1.9.8 Tutorial

Special launch price
Please note that Cubasis (same for the full feature set of Cubasis from Cubasis LE via in-app purchase) is on sale for half the price, valid from February 16 to March 1.
Save also more than 40% on FX Pack 1 and FX Pack 2 available through in-app purchases.

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Have great fun using Cubasis!

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Cubasis 1.9.8 - What’s New
• Audio Unit support for instruments and effects*
• MIDI over Bluetooth LE (also compatible with Yamaha MD-BT01 and UD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Adapters)
• 28 new MicroSonic instruments
• Revamped effect interfaces
• iCloud Drive, External Hard Drive & Wireless Flash Drive Support
• Audiobus 2.3.1 SDK
• AudioCopy 3.2 SDK

* Audio Unit extension requires iPad Mini 2, iPad 4 or newer model

Cubasis 1.9.8 - Improvements & Fixes
• CB-2504 Return to start position on stop option added to setup.
• CB-2683 CPU load on slower iPad devices has been improved when recording audio files.
• CB-2216 Fixes a problem where playing some of the Microsonic instruments sustained could lead to unwanted noise.
• CB-2683 Double tap on an effect control resets its parameter to default value.
• CB-2639 Solves a problem where writing automation using Studio EQ could render Cubasis unreliable.
• CB-2713 Fixes a rare issue where MIDI track names were not properly updated after being switched.
• CB-2874 Mixdown processing speed of projects that contain IAA plug-ins has been improved.
• CB-1922 Audio engine output is no longer muted when performing a mixdown of projects that contain IAA plug-ins.
• CB-1915 Solves an issue where IAA plug-in selection is blocked by previous projects that contained IAA plug-ins.
• CB-2884 Fixes a rare problem where unloading IAA plug-ins leads to a momentarily freeze.
• CB-1928 Solves an issue where IAA connection error messages of previous projects are displayed in recent projects.
• CB-2491 Inter-app audio MIDI track names are now retained as expected.
• CB-2820 Changing project sample rates when Cubasis is connected to Audiobus no longer renders the app unreliable.
• CB-2796 Fixes a rare phenomenon where Cubasis failed to open 96 kHz projects.
• CB-2686 Sample rate settings are no longer coupled to hardware latency.
• CB-2811 Solves a problem where latency values configured in setup were not applied correctly.
• CB-2812 Solves a rare issue where changing latency values leads to distorted audio output.
• CB-2642 Trying to import unsupported music videos from iTunes library no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
• CB-2601 Fixes a graphical issue where project files appear as ghost copies above the list after being opened.
• CB-2675 Fixes a rare problem where the status of MediaBay buttons is not updated correctly.
• CB-2620 Search function of in-app help has been improved.
• CB-2629 Fixes several issues with broken links located in the in-app help.

This is amazing, thanks!

Thanks for all the work and the update guys !
Lots of fixes, remote drive support and the meters on the effects - cool :sunglasses:

Thank you!

Return to start position on stop - yay! Time for me to give the app a fresh start.

Took us some time, but there you have it … :wink:

Great update! Thanks to all of you for the hard work and consideration for our requests. :sunglasses:

This is great, thank you.

Does it include IPad Pro support to support the larger screen?

Sadly no. Still wasting all that beautiful space, the ugly old keyboard. Graphics not optimised. Come on, Steinberg!

Love the AU support an other improvements though.

Thanks for the update.
Really like the new bass and string and piano sounds. Genuinely useful sounds.

So glad to have metering on the compressor plugin now too :slight_smile:

Love in the air
Thank you Steinberg

This looks really great and I would love to try it, but I am running iOS 7.1.4. The app store says it will run it, however Steinberg’s page says it needs ios 8. Can anyone tell me if Cubasis 1.9.8 works on ios 7.1?

Sorry of this is the wrong forum.

Thanks for your nice comments so far!
If you like what you see, it would be of great help for us to have your app rating on iTunes as well!

Thanks for your support
& lots of great fun with 1.9.8!

Sirs, would you be updating Cubasis for the new IPad Pro, the only reason I upgraded to the IPad Pro was mostly for Cubasis, I hope that’s in the works, I’ll be willing to pay more for it, hopefully you have good news.

Dear cheappc,

we are investigating the possibilities on the iPad Pro:

Thanks! :sunglasses:

Do you support the PQI Air Pen?
I tap the Share button, but was unable to open the companion app.

Excellent and unexpected perhaps update indeed but;
When will Steinberg release fully optimised, dedicated iPad Pro version…?
As it is, Cubasis does run on iPad Pro flawlessly but, it is just resized, bigger version of standard iPad version…