Cursed crackling noises?

I am struggling for weeks already with this issue and there is no information in internet. I am having random crackling noises when playback and it also gets printed in the mix down! I have to make tons of mix downs till I get one clean or not too noisy enough to deliver, very unprofessional. I can`t work at all and it´s seriously compromising my job.

I am on a Macbook Pro 2018 Mojave 10.14.6 with a Presonus AudioBox USB96 on a Cubase 9.5.5. It happens through Built-in default audio driver too.

The last thing I discovered is, it creates a crackles or pops sounds when I stop the playback in the middle of an audio clip and if I play again throughout the clip it gets worst and creates more noises of this kind. If I play from behind the audio clip and let it pass through once it´s more probable that it will not create noises. Anyway it´s super random and it also creates this noises in the mix down so is not a playback exclusive problem.

Curious thing is, it only happens in Cubase, other DAWs like Reason 10 or Maschine are not having this issue at all, also the OS and every other application works perfectly through the AudioBox or the Built-in audio driver.

I have tried everything, buffer size here and there, uninstalling and installing Cubase and the Audiobox drivers as well. Tried only installing the 9.5 Cubase version. Tried on short sessions (1 channel, 1 audio clip, no effects). Tried working through Built-in default audio card of the mac (this is curious, it happens anyway both playback and mix downs). Tried not overcharging USBs. Cpu usage is very low. Deactivating wi-fi (myth? anyway it doesn´t change nothing). Tried not using the Mac charger or using it in different plugs of my house and other houses, so no electrical problem I guess. Also I notified in detail the issue in the Steinberg live support chat and the person seemed disoriented giving me no solution at all.

It just started happening suddenly, I have changed nothing in the computer, not installing new things or anything, it just started doing that in every session. Please I need help or any new idea on this at least. Thank you!

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Try to increase the Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please.

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Hi Martin, thank you! The last version of the Audiobox USB 96 driver (Universal Control) doesn´t provide that option anymore. I think it simply must be changed from Cubase or the DAW you are using and the driver adapts automatically. There´s no previous version to download so I can´t change that from there. I am also in contact with Presonus support waiting for a response, but something tells me that they are gonna be disoriented too :frowning: Anyway I tried all buffer sizes from Cubase and it doesn´t change a thing at all. In other DAWs I can use the buffer size I want and there´s no problems more than some delay, but not noises like this.


What latency can you see in Cubase’s Studio Setup, please?


Can you hear the cracking even with the 2048 Buffer Size?

Yes, actually it sounds and reacts the same than set at any other buffer size :exploding_head:

Should the ‘Externally Clocked’ box be checked?

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It comes by default like that, anyway I tried every set of the VST audio system window and it doesn´t change anything. Same noises, same behavior.

Well, the Default option is wrong. untick this box.


By default, Externally Clocked option is disabled.

Yes, my fault, I already uncheck that box, thank you. Anyway I´ve tried every set in that window and nothing changes.

Now I am in contact with Presonus support to check everything is right from the audio box device, which I think it is because I am not having thess issues in other DAWs or APPs and OS it self. So frustrating :upside_down_face:

I just discovered the noises occur when trasposing or stretching. It always happens a little bit that when you stretch certain audioclips it may create some crackles in the playback till it gets “readed” by the ram or something and then you don´t hear them anymore (I think you all probably experienced that in Cubase).

Anyway, now it is making it all the time, more exagerately and it prints it in the mixdown. I guess the problem starts in the same place for the same reason but I can´t figure what the problem itself is and how to fix it or at least don´t have the noises in the mix down!

Please help… !

What about audio performance (CPU usage/Disk cache)?
Try to disable/enable ASIO guard
Activate/deactivate multi processing
Try to use generic ASIO driver
Does that change anything?


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Check my similar thread here.

Nobody came up with a solution. The crackling happens on a multi-processor workstation.


I´ve tried everything. Nothing changes :frowning:

Some hardware problems maybe (dying HDD, power saving options on some devices etc) ?

Also (If it was on PC) I would recommend to check if power plan is set to high performance
and check if turning hyperthreading/c-states/etc off (in BIOS settings) is useless too

But in this case I’m just washing my hands :cry:


I’m pretty sure it is connected to the Elastique algorithm and fade-ins/fade-outs on an audio event that is being transposed by it. The standart algorithm does not glitch that much. I have stated my observations in the thread mentioned in my previous post.


Clicks caused by the Buffer size not being large enough, are only audible through monitoring and they will most likely never get printed in the mix. People who asked you to increase the buffer size clearly haven’t read your post properly.
I have managed to pinpoint a major issue that seems very similar to yours.
Can you please take a look at it ? Phase drift and glitches with Transpose and AudioWarp Quantize