Fades on Musical Mode audio events trigger glitches

Whenever there is a fade in or a fade out on a Musical Mode enabled or transposed audio clip/event, a crackling glitch is produced. This happens mostly when the cursor is positioned at the very beginning of the audio clip and play/stop is engaged repeatedly. It is extremely frustrating when working on sound design projects.

The issue is present on every PC that I tested.

Windows 10 64 bit
Cubase Pro 11.0.20 and 11.0.30
twin Xeon X5675


So, nobody is experiencing this horrible issue?


Can you provide a demo project which I could test on my PC(s)?
Or in more details describe how to reproduce and also which project setup you run and also more about your systm specs, i.e. where is Cubase installed, where is the content or are the specific samples stored (HDD,SSD, attached storage, NAS etc.)?
It may help to give you feedback to even confirm the issue.

Thanks for the reply!
I prepared a simple project with a single transposed audio event. You can try playing/stopping with your cursor at the marker until a popping glitch is produced.

Test project:
Transpose_Issue_Project.zip (472.2 KB)

My Cubase installation and samples are on a SSD. I’m currently working with 64 bit float precision engine, 32 bit float bit depth and 48 kHz sample rate. The same issue is present on my main hp Z600 workstation and on a Lenovo T15 laptop. The two PCs have drastically different specifications. The issue is present with both RME Fireface UC and UA Apollo Twin USB.

Let me know if you can reproduce it.

I get glitches with musical mode clips. I didn’t connect this with fades but I will try to test it later.

In my case, I think a quick bounce and replace fixes the glitch.

Can anybody else verify this?
This bug virtually makes Cubase useless for sound design work for me.

Only the Standard algorithm does not produce glitches.

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I feel your pain, I am struggling with this issue for weeks already. Seems nobody talks about it on the internet, no solutions, anything…

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I have similar problems sometimes with quantized audio that glitch from a fade in.

Tested out your project
No glitches here
Have tried different algos and modes - no glitches/crackling noises (except the sample as it is)


These elastique pro algo glitches are present even in offline exports.

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Ditched my PC for a 10-core M1 Pro MacBook and the glitches are still there.
Now I’m going to pay for a Cubase 12 upgrade and there won’t be any difference, right?

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Weird… I notice glitches with Musical mode on… but I don’t (didn’t) think fades had anything to do with it. Also contrary to other reports, a quick bounce gets rid of it. (locking in the time stretch)

For what it’s worth, I’m getting glitches (specifically, high frequency pops) at the beginning of some audio events as well. Haven’t yet narrowed down the context/cause. It’s not in the sample itself because (a) this only happens when exporting the song, but not when playing it back “interactively”, plus I’ve got a fade-in at the beginning of the sample to prevent pops. Removing the fade in doesn’t help, and the audio event isn’t transposed, stretched etc. either.

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I have tested your issue thoroughly and I’ve found the following (I’m on Cubase 12) :

  • The clip does not necessary need to have a fade as it happens without.

  • The algorithm needs to be Elastique Time or Pitch.

  • Transposing down makes it more obvious but it also happens when transposing up.

  • The click can also be a dropout.

  • You indeed have to stop playback and press play again.
    But, you don’t necessary need to snap the cursor to the start of the clip and start playback from here, as the click still happens when you start playback in advance or late to the clip.

  • I’ve found out that the click happens slightly less than 1.5 seconds after pressing play, but for it to be audible, you need audio content to be present at that 1.5 sec mark. If there is no audio event (empty space) when it’s supposed to click, then you won’t hear it.

  • Sometimes it clicks right as you press play, and when it does that, you won’t have any click afterwards.

  • Only Transposing seem to make it happen after 1.5 sec. When I do not transpose, the only clicks I can get are the ones that I mentioned just above.

  • Finally, this particular bug isn’t a major issue, or is it? The results are so much inconsistent that it doesn’t even bother me. Little bugs like that have been there for ages.


I really appreciate this thorough research, and I’m hoping somebody from Steinberg is paying attention to this reproducible, narrowed-down case!

I’m not sure if I’m experiencing the same issue (I’m going to have to do a similarly thorough narrowing-down), but either way, it is a major issue for me because it results in an audible pop in my export, which means it is not usable! “Luckily”, this is happening on a personal composition, but if this were happening in [paid] client work, it would stop that work dead in its tracks…

I believe I have finally narrowed down the issue :slightly_smiling_face:
I first had an issue with Quantize which was very similar to this one. I’ve then followed up by testing this case even more thoroughly.

Here is the new thread : Phase drift and glitches with Transpose and AudioWarp Quantize

Tell me what you think.

I haven 't used Transpose or AudioWarp/Quantize in that project, so it must be something different in my case. I’ll have to sit down when I find some time and deep-dive into what’s happening to narrow down the issue, and after I’ve done so, I’ll report back what I find!

Can you eventually bounce the project and import the file back with inverted phase, just to see if everything cancel out ? Try playing the parts where it uses to makes pops.
Don’t forget to put an analyzer on the output bus because it’s not always loud enough to be heard.
Just look for what I described in Step 6 in my thread.
If you have that then this is the same issue. You may have found another way to induce it. I just want to be sure.

OK, that’s easy enough, I’ll do that and post my results on this thread!

I tried this, and the pop is still there (things don’t fully cancel out). Just for the heck of it, I also switched the algorithm away from elastique to standard (even though I’m not using it), but that didn’t help either. Any suggestions on how to work around this? If I can’t make this pop go away, the entire piece/composition is unpublishable…