Fades on Musical Mode audio events trigger glitches

Whenever there is a fade in or a fade out on a Musical Mode enabled or transposed audio clip/event, a crackling glitch is produced. This happens mostly when the cursor is positioned at the very beginning of the audio clip and play/stop is engaged repeatedly. It is extremely frustrating when working on sound design projects.

The issue is present on every PC that I tested.

Windows 10 64 bit
Cubase Pro 11.0.20 and 11.0.30
twin Xeon X5675

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So, nobody is experiencing this horrible issue?

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Can you provide a demo project which I could test on my PC(s)?
Or in more details describe how to reproduce and also which project setup you run and also more about your systm specs, i.e. where is Cubase installed, where is the content or are the specific samples stored (HDD,SSD, attached storage, NAS etc.)?
It may help to give you feedback to even confirm the issue.

Thanks for the reply!
I prepared a simple project with a single transposed audio event. You can try playing/stopping with your cursor at the marker until a popping glitch is produced.

Test project:
Transpose_Issue_Project.zip (472.2 KB)

My Cubase installation and samples are on a SSD. I’m currently working with 64 bit float precision engine, 32 bit float bit depth and 48 kHz sample rate. The same issue is present on my main hp Z600 workstation and on a Lenovo T15 laptop. The two PCs have drastically different specifications. The issue is present with both RME Fireface UC and UA Apollo Twin USB.

Let me know if you can reproduce it.

I get glitches with musical mode clips. I didn’t connect this with fades but I will try to test it later.

In my case, I think a quick bounce and replace fixes the glitch.

Can anybody else verify this?
This bug virtually makes Cubase useless for sound design work for me.

Only the Standard algorithm does not produce glitches.