Customer complaint: No support when you need it, wrong information

Just have to express how utterly frustrated and disappointed I am that I bought a product that requires me to use Steinberg. I have wasted hours and hours over the past 4 days trying to do nothing more than use a product I paid money for.

There’s no point in complaining about the state of customer support in this world, obviously. I mean I find it cruel that companies force paying customers to find their own answers. It would be less cruel if I were actually able to find the answer I need, but after multiple hours on message boards and community groups, that doesn’t seem like a possibility.

What bothers me the most is that they get away with providing completely untrue information and that nobody is held accountable for it.

The 416 phone number provided on the Steinberg support page leads to a voicemail saying no calls to that number will be answered.
The 1-844 number provided on the Steinberg Support page says the offices are closed, even though the hours are clearly indicated directly below that phone number and I am calling during those hours.
That 1-844 number provides a lengthy URL to use for the live chat service. At that very URL, it is stated that the chat service is unavailable (despite being during office hours).

Tried contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint but for some reason Steinberg isn’t listed as an eligible company. So I am posting here in hopes that Steinberg will at least know that they have one completely frustrated and disappointed customer who will never ever recommend their product to anyone ever.

I made a personal commitment to record an album by the end of this month. I have lost 5 full days of that time because of these issues that nobody anywhere seems to be able to explain.

Today is a US Holiday, so ol’ man Steinbeard had to give them the day off. :crazy_face: (if you’re in the usa)

I read one of your other posts, but there were so many images, I gave up trying to understand. It looked like you were trying to use VST System Link, but the words in your post made it sound like you were trying to do something else.

I see I have responded to you previously. Download LE

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