Disable mouse fader movement in the mix console

Oh I see what you mean, yes the mouse behaviour changed for vertical scrolling only in the mixconsole body where the channel strip, inserts and sends exists. On the faders you can the wheel does change the values.

Isn’t this a setting in the preferences now? In C13 that is

Nope. It looks like it will do it but it only works in certain areas of the UI, not in the faders. It’s so inconsistent and makes zero sense.

Besides, today when testing I realised two extra dumb things - in the integrated mix console, the scroll wheel doesn’t scroll at all in the faders area. However, in the full mix console, if you “aim” the mouse cursor at the area between the faders where the metering values are displayed, then the mouse wheel scrolls sideways. It’s so inconsistent…

And more - in the integrated console, in order to scroll with the mouse wheel, you then have to hover it over the scroll bar at the bottom, which is ridiculously thin and IMO, showing a lack of polish and usability care, it doesn’t work if you drag the mouse to the very bottom of the window (assuming it’s maximised) because the scroll bar is only active if you move the mouse just a little bit up. At least, they could have made it so that if you drag to the very bottom of the window and use the scroll wheel then it would drag, but no…

It feels like playing a computer platform game, you have to be really precise or you lose a life.

I just don’t get these usability choices…

The setting only affects vertical scrolling in the Racks (now called Channel) Sections (and the new Channel Tab in the project window). So, if you have the Inserts, Channel Strip, EQ, Sends, Pictures expanded simultaneously, and they don’t fit the screen, the preference allows one to (vertically) scroll anywhere, without worrying about changing values. Just flick the scroll wheel anywhere and it scrolls.

But this does not do anything about the Faders Section, where horizontal scrolling is assigned to the mousewheel when there are many channels that can’t fit in the window, and only works within that Faders section.

The feature request from what I understand is exactly about this horizontal scrolling in the Faders Section and not so much about vertical scrolling on the other Sections above.

Yes, as far as I’m concerned, the feature request only deals with (fast and efficient) horizontal scrolling on the mix console

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73 votes and many years have passed, and this still hasn’t been fixed? Steinberg, look at any other DAW to see how it should work.