Disable mouse fader movement in the mix console

Just give us this option in the preferences so you can make everyone happy. For those that want it on,have it check box off, to turn off mouse/fader movements check it on. Very simple



100% agree. I tend to use scrolling wheels exclusively for scrolling/navigating around the screen/session. Accidentally changing a value of some parameter/knob with the scrolling wheel in the Project/MixConsole window has been a very annoying “feature”, that unfortunately can’t be turned off in Cubase. It sucks, that I have to pay attention and worry about navigating to a place in the GUI, where I won’t change any value while scrolling/navigating around the Project/MixConsole window. This makes me a sad panda. :cry:

Bitte, let us scroll freely around the GUI without any strings attached (meaning - without worrying about accidentally changing parameter values).

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+1 So many times this has caused me grief.

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Exactly - before Cubase 9, when MixConsole undo/redo/history was introduced, I was still juggling between Cubase (for writing/composing) and Pro Tools (for mixing) simply because of how annoying the mixing in Cubase was due to accidentally changing a value by scrolling in MixConsole.

And now Cubase is at version 10 and mixing is still nowhere near as convenient as it is in Pro Tools, which makes me a sad panda :cry:

Dear Steinberg developer dudes and dudettes, please, give us an option to disable adjusting the parameter values by scrolling.

P.S. - also improved Sends would make mixing faster/easier (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=152136).



+1 plz !

+1 for an option to disable it

Regards :sunglasses:



It’s not just Mixer, it’s also VSTi pane/window, Inspector window and just about anywhere else that contains data fields and knobs. Big wet noodle, and really needs a pref.

+1 for everything anywhere



There is an option to disable mouse wheel to scroll faders in the mixer, isn’t it?

Nope, in that thread it’s about the Preference setting to disable/enable mousewheel for event volume and fades.
This setting is totally not related to mousewheeling Mixer Faders and VST plugin parameter changes.

Very long FR from many users to be able to disable mousewheel on Mixer Faders and/or VST plugin parameters.
Incredible it still hasn’t been implemented.

Completely agree with this modification. It’s so annoying when you accidentally change a value with the mouse wheel.


+1 For sure. Plus as i suggested in my post, scrollwheel hold while moving mouse left/right, swipe Mixer’s channels left/right, instead scroll bar.

I would really appreciate this option. Countless times I have to push the undo button in the mixer because of this.