Disappearing ride cymbals on MIDI import

I seem to have an odd isue whereby all my ride cymbals disappear when I import a MIDI file with drums into Dorico. They are all on a D#2 in the MIDI file. To make it even stranger; if I export a MIDI file out of a score in Dorico with ride cymbals in it and then open that same MIDI file in Dorico that it just created, the ride cymbals are also missing. All the other notes are there. Any ideas?

Might be related to this:


Thanks for your reply, but i’m not sure it’s that as if i export a drum track that i have created in Dorico and then reimport it than the ride cymbal is still missing.
I just did a test from Cubase where i started a new project played 2 bars of drums into halion, exported them as midi, opened it in Dorico and all I get is kick and snare, and no ride cymbal.
It wasnt doing this a few days ago.
Maybe i’ll try try reinstalling Dorico and see if that sorts it.

No luck reinstalling Dorico.

To test it again, I created a new project in Dorico. Created a drum part with ride cymbals in it. Exported as MIDI. Opened the MIDI file it juse created in Dorico and the ride cymbals are missing.

I’m running Elements 3.5.12 by the way

Reinstalling Dorico wouldn’t have any affect on this kind of thing, I’m afraid.

The problem will be related to how Dorico is interpreting that track in the MIDI file. You need to make sure that the percussion track is set to channel 10 and that Dorico is set to interpret channel 10 as General MIDI percussion, and that should ensure that the drum set comes in as expected, including the ride cymbal.

it’s on channel 10. everything is importing correctly excpet the ride. i’ve cheked it with a load of different midi files. it’s very odd indeed.

I’ve managed to work around it by moving the notes in Cubase from the ride to a china cymbal and then moving them back to a ride in the Dorico score after importing the MIDI file.

Perhaps you could attach a simple MIDI file that demonstrates the problem, so I can take a look?

Daniel, any chance you could try this also. I can’t get it work which means I have to recreate my drumkit every time…

New file with the default Drumset basic and Noteperformer.
Add 4 snaredrum strokes with different playing techniques… Export the Kit. Export the MIDI. Import the kit to a new Player. Dragg in the MIDI to the imported kit in Play mode. The 4 snaredrum strokes import as 2 snaredrum without the playing techniques and 2 crash cymbal strokes for me.

Don’t know if it’s the Export Kit that goes wrong or what. It’s the same with EZDrummer and my custom Percusson map.


Sure, i’ve uploaded a basic test file to here:

Just 2 bars of some random drums. When I open the file in Dorico kick and snare are there, and play and display fine, ride cymbal is totally gone.

It basically happens on my system with any MIDI file with ride cymbals. Every other GM drum hit displays except the ride. Even cowbells are detected and displayed properly!:slight_smile:

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the import settings and the resulting display in Dorico. Kick and snare is there but the ride is gone.