Divided track list: adjust height automatically to the tracks it contains

The size of the divided track is “fixed”. This gets annoying, if you adjust the heights of the tracks it contains, so you always have to adjust the height of the divided track list as well, if you wanna see everything.
You are also able to scroll in there, which brings us to the next problem: If your mouse is focused in that window accidentally, you scroll down inside of it and cannot see the first 1-2 tracks anymore.

It would be great to to have it automatically resize to the height of all tracks it contains. So you have tracks which are always on top, but everything else stays the same.


Maybe add automatic resizing as an option in preferences.

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+1… always dancing around with that thing.

For the time being, if you aren’t already… get to know the project Zoom functions. There’s one for width, and then there’s one for track height. it will fit everything for you… but… you will have to have that zone selected…

Preferences with a hotkey for sure, but I think there could be a button for this as well would be great around where the zoom sliders are.

That would be the solution!
I usually put the following tracks in the divided track list:

  • tempo track
  • export marker
  • stereo out/master buss

And whenever I am automating the volume on the “stereo out” buss or change the tempo on the tempo track, I have to change their height. This means I always have to adjust the divided track list manually as well…
And after I’ done with the changes I change their heights back to mininum, but the divided track list stays the same.