Dongle free Dorico at last?

Is this something someone can tell us more about?

You might be interested to read more about it in this thread.

Thank you PjotrB!
Maybe someone could delete this thread then?

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There’s also a new announcement today: Follow-up Regarding eLicenser Discontinuation

If the intention is to move to ilok would it be possible to advise well in advance. VSL is also moving to this and given the number of customers there may be a rush on the USB sticks. Presumably you’ll be able to move the licence across.
Expensive as the ilok USB is, I don’t want to rely on the cloud as I may want to use the software away from wi-fi spots. Likewise may want to use it on a smaller computer while away from ‘the studio’ so no hope of it being a computer-based key.

I’m baffled (all due respect) with how many people read the announcement and still ask about the new dongles.

Daniel specifically states the future will be “dongle-free”. Hard to see a run on dongles then.

Also the number of people that seem to (mistakenly) think new licensing system = subscription, e.g. most of the replies here:

But yeah, I don’t think “one thing is for sure: the future will be dongle-free” could be any clearer.

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I noticed that also on the forum. New license management system ≠ changing our purchasing model.

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iLok cloud is dongle free, but i’d rather be tied to a dongle than a wifi hotspot. :wink:

I don’t think I’m dropping a bombshell here when I say that we will not be using iLok as our future license management system.


In which case, where is the licence to be kept? I don’t want it on my computer unless I can readily transfer it to another possibly by a simple signing off one and onto the other (which will probably mean the internet so I’d have to do that before I set out).
Good about not subscribing. I don’t do recurring payment authorisation.

I’m sure details will be available before you are expected to buy anything.


The new licensing system will be based around your Steinberg ID, i.e. the email address you use to access MySteinberg, technical support, and so on. The details are still to be worked out, but I anticipate that you will be able to run a single-user license on two computers without actively needing to sign out of one before signing in to the other. This may not be the case for all Steinberg products, and it will certainly not be the case for multi-user licenses (for example, if a school purchases licenses to run Dorico on 10 computers simultaneously, they will not be able to run on 20 or even 11 computers simultaneously), but for individual users who have bought a single-user Dorico license, we intend to make it as convenient as possible to use (say) a desktop computer and a laptop interchangeably.


Many thanks for that. Sounds a pretty good solution.

I assume you won’t need internet access, once Steinberg’s new system is set up on a computer?

See this post by Daniel here: