Dorico 5 crashes, does not open

Crash Data here: (30.2 KB)

MacOS 11.7.7

I was getting this error message at first, but now it just simply crashes and does not open. Restarted, deleted installation, reinstalled. Still does not work. I was able to use the program one time only before problems began. Two hours of fiddling to no avail. Finally gave up and opened project in Dorico 4.

Hi @schlagzeuger ,

please try the following and see if Dorico 5 launches then:

  • Do a Spotlight search for and open it.

  • Into the Terminal window copy and paste the line

     env QSG_RHI_BACKEND=”opengl” /Applications/Dorico\\ 5
  • Hit the return/enter key

How is that going?

Hi @Ulf ,

Thank you for your help.

I tried that and Dorico crashed immediately.

Here is the crash log. (30.3 KB)

Can you provide us with an Apple System Report for your Mac? I wonder whether it has an Intel Graphics 5000 graphics adaptor?

Hm, are you absolutely sure that you followed my instructions correctly?

Because I have another customer, with whom that worked.

Here is the system report.
MacBook (323.1 KB)

Yes, I even tried it a second time. Immediate crash.

Can you please capture the output of the Terminal window?

Terminal (1.2 KB)

Many thanks. I see, it can’t fall back to OpenGL for whatever reason. We have to work on this and come back to you.

Hi @schlagzeuger , can you please try again with this line

env QSG_RHI_BACKEND="opengl" /Applications/Dorico\\ 5

It looks basically same but the quotes are slightly different, so hopefully this one will work.
Please try

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(I’ve edited Ulf’s post so that it uses a monospaced font and doesn’t smarten the quotes. Make sure you copy and paste from that monospaced version.)

Hi @Ulf ,

Still a crash. Here is the terminal window. (1.2 KB)

@schlagzeuger , did you see Daniel’s message?

I had missed Daniel’s message. It worked this time.

Here is the new terminal window. (2.0 KB)

Ah, excellent. Can you live with this for the moment until we find a real solution?

Yes, of course. Thank you very much for your help.

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Gentlemen at Dorico,

I have tried very patiently to get this to work. My installations of both Dorico 4 and Dorico 5 are now completely useless. Dorico 4 will not even open. Dorico 5 is usable for only a few minutes and then it crashes.

This is quite frustrating, as I am away from my main studio for several weeks and was hoping to be able to work on my laptop. It seems that will not be possible.

I deeply regret having updated to Dorico 5 so quickly, as it would seem that it is really not ready for primetime. If you can offer any other solutions I would be very grateful.

Hi @schlagzeuger , that Dorico 4 now does not work either should not be. But I have a possible explanation and fix for it. If Dorico 4 or 5 do crash, they might leave a VSTAudioEngine behind. When you then try to start Dorico again, it won’t be able to connect to the audio engine again and therefore hangs indefinitely. So please check in Activity Monitor if there is a VSTAudioEngine process and kill that. Afterwards Dorico (at least v4) should start up again.

In terms of whether or not Dorico 5 is “ready for primetime”, you are unfortunate to have run into a problem that only manifests on certain Mac configurations, due to bugs in Metal drivers for specific graphic adaptors and/or problems with the underlying Qt framework, which has undergone big changes in its most recent iteration. We found and resolved some problems not unlike the one you are experiencing with Windows computers during development, but it just so happened that none of us in the team nor in our beta testing community happened to have Macs with these troublesome graphics adaptors. We will do our best to resolve these issues, with the help of the people at Qt, but it’s going to take some time.

In the meantime, you should certainly be able to continue with Dorico 4 quite happily on your computer. Ulf’s suggested procedure should work fine.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused, and we are working to resolve this issue as best we can.