Dorico 5 Crashing (Macbook Pro)


I downloaded Dorico 5 last Tuesday, and I have only been able to successfully open the program once. Re-installing the program did not work. I tried following the instructions provided throughout this discussion, but Dorico 5 continues to crash immediately:

There was a point in time when Dorico 4 did not work for me after downloading Dorico 5, but Dorico 4 works for me again now that I uninstalled and reinstalled it.

I will attach a screenshot of the window that pops up whenever I try to open Dorico 5. I will also attach the text that appeared in the terminal application after I followed the instructions from the linked discussion.

Terminal Saved Output.pdf (19.2 KB)

It looks like you have the same problem like in this thread. Please have a read there.

Hi Ulf,

Thank you for your reply.

I believe I have entered in just about every string connected to that discussion, but still no solution.

Could you please provide an Apple System Report so we can get a look at your Mac’s hardware configuration?

Hi Daniel,

I copied the problem report and turned it into a pdf.

I hope it helps.

Problem Report.pdf (187.6 KB)

And please try it one more time. I think the quote characters are the problem, it really has to look like:

env QSG_RHI_BACKEND="opengl" /Applications/Dorico\\ 5

If you open a Terminal window, then copy and paste the above line and then hit the return key, Dorico should really start up. If it does not do, can you please capture the output in the Terminal window? Thanks


The string you sent worked. What a relief!

@dspreadbury, I truly appreciate you all’s effort to resolve this issue.


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