Dorico 5: Interface issues on Mac

Sorry if these are known issues, but I didn’t see another thread for this.

After the upgrade (which is fantastic, by the way) I am having the following recurring issues:

  • Interface buttons for Modes (Setup, Write, Engrave, Play, Print) stop responding to mouse clicks. Instead of turning blue and switching modes as expected on click, the button turns black and the window does not change modes. Keyboard shortcuts for modes work as expected.

  • New scores do not show up reliably in the Recent Items menu (File->Open recent) or in the Hub list of recent files.

Is any one else seeing this?

For me on MacOs : Interface buttons for mode become suddentdly very big and inactive, and when closing the project, the hub appears empty

Yes, I’ve found this, too. You should find that a second press will act correctly.
It’s not so much that they don’t respond to clicks, but that the click acts like you’re still holding it down.

It’s almost certainly a bug in the Qt framework (which does the interface work).

I haven’t noticed a problem with Recent scores. There is a recentFileList.xml file in the Dorico config files folder.
On a Mac this is {user}/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/

You could try trashing this file and seeing if things work properly from then.

I also have similar issues Trouble with Apple Magic Trackpad

Blockquote I also have similar issues Trouble with Apple Magic Trackpad

Thanks, @AlessandroGrego I use the Magic Trackpad with tap-to-click, so this is certainly the same behavior.

Both of these issues appear to be fixed in v5.0.10.2029. Thanks, team!

For me the second issue (the one about interface and trackpad) is not yet resolved on

Hmm. A couple of thoughts–I also did install the latest macOs update, which demanded a restart. Did you restart after installing the Dorico update? Are you on the latest version of macOs?

Ok, here’s a weird thing: The Mode buttons are working fine for me now after the update, but not the playback transport buttons. They still are demanding to be clicked twice, and they change color without changing state.

These issues are still unresolved. They are due to some new wrinkles (to put it politely) in the mouse handling in the latest version of Qt. We’re working with their support team to try to get them resolved. We ask for your patience.


@dspreadbury Do you have Qt bug numbers for these mouse issues? Thanks!

@torarnv Tor, it’s amazing to see you here on our forum, thank you very much for taking an interest! I will find them and come back to you. We were able to resolve this problem, but I don’t remember off-hand whether we fixed this ourselves or whether a Qt update took care of it.

Happy to help if I can Daniel. Cheers!

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