Dorico cannot connect to the audio engine

I’m currently unable to open Dorico 5. I get this message: “Dorico cannot connect to the audio engine. The application will now quit”

I had recently upgraded from Dorico SE to Dorico Elements 5.

Welcome to the forum @jpschlegel , and sorry to hear about your trouble. You did not mention whether you are on Mac or Windows.

If you are on Mac, please follow the advice as given in this thread.

Or on Windows: Download and unzip the attached file. Do a double click on it and after a few seconds the file should appear on your Desktop. That one please attach to a reply here. Thanks (809 Bytes)

Hello! I’m on a Mac. I followed the instructions on the thread you linked to. I attached the Diagnostics Zip file, I hope it came out right! Thanks for your help.
Dorico (222.7 KB)

Hi, thanks for the data. They show that the audio engine is crashing because you have a somewhat ancient HALion Sonic installation. You have version 2 whereas version 7 is the current one.
So please install HALion Sonic 7 either via the Steinberg Download Assistant or via this link.

Thank you! I installed HALion Sonic 7 and updated some other things but am still getting the same message “cannot connect to audio engine”.

Can you provide a new set of diagnostics so we can see what, if anything, has changed?

Hi, could you please send another diagnostic report, please?

Also, while starting up Dorico, do you see in the Activity Monitor
a process called VST Audio Engine? Does it go away at some stage?

Furthermore, do you see the process vstscannermaster for quite a while during start up
and also vstscanner processes coming and going?

Thanks (357.7 KB)
Here’s the diagnostics report. I’m not sure what you mean by the activity monitor, is that the text that goes flashing by at the bottom while Dorico is loading?

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Thanks for the new data. According to the crash dumps the old HALion Sonic SE is still around. Please go to
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components
and delete the package HALion Sonic SE.vst3

I’m sorry, where do I input /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components ? The Steinberg Library Manager? I’m not sure where to find the old HALion Sonic SE. I don’t see it in the library manager.

In the Finder, navigate to the “Go” tab and then navigate the dropdown to the ‘Go to Folder…’ section. That will open a window in which you can type the location that Ulf gave you. Once you’ve done that another window will open showing the components in that directory.

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