Dorico Expression Maps for GPO5

Here are my Expression Maps for using GPO5 with Dorico. The package includes: documentation of what I’ve done, so that you can understand it and adapt it to your needs; a spreadsheet of what switches and CCs various instrument groups use, and which Brass instruments use which maps.

There’s also a general-purpose Garritan Ex map, which should work (to some degree) for other Garritan libraries, such as the bundled Finale instruments.

Let me know how you get on, and if there are any egregious problems.

Version 2: fixed a minor issue.
GPO (82.3 KB)

Thanks for this Ben! Looking forward to trying it out!

Here are some ready-made project files with samples loaded and Ex maps assigned. I’d still recommend donwloading the Ex maps above, for the documentation. And the spreadsheet!

You can save the Endpoints straightaway and then select combinations of Endpoints for your Playback Template(s). Or you can modify the files as you see fit.
Playback Template GOS (518 KB)
Playback Template GPO (485 KB)
Playback Template GPO (446 KB)

(Max limit of 3 files per post.)

Revision made to Keyboards. :unamused:
Playback Template (464 KB)
Playback Template (429 KB)
Playback Template SAM (518 KB)

Here’s the GPO Brass.
Playback Template GPO (482 KB)

Arggh. The Piano Map isn’t right. The three pedals should be Add-ons, but I can’t find the ‘off’ twin for each one.

Here’s a better one: I’ve updated the GPO Archive file and the Keyboard dorico project.
GPO (1.94 KB)

I know everyone’s excited about VSL and Iconica and what have you, but here are a couple of demos, to show there’s still some life in the old dog yet.

Here’s the kind of thing which I do a lot of, and for which GPO is pretty good:

And the Enigma Variations, which shows off a range of instrument sounds quite nicely, if not my mixing. The strings are a bit weak, but can’t work out why.

I’ve added a bit more information into my documentation.

Well, I’ve certainly been enjoying myself with all this, but if anyone else has, do let me know.
GPO Manual (77.9 KB)

Here’s the obligatory Vivaldi Four Seasons. (Please hold: your call is important to us.)'inverno.mp3?dl=0

I think this shows off some of the best of the GPO Strings. There’s no manual CC work: just extra notated dynamics, and a few extra articulations/slurs.

I’ve got an old GPO 4 on my computer. It would like to try it with Dorico. Is there a big difference between GPO 4 and 5? Also I have JABB 3 and COMB 2. Does anyone have made expression maps for these already?

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Thank you, @benwiggy.
Is there any way I can pin this for my own private use?

GPO5 is (as I understand it) a superset of GPO4. So some of the samples are the same. Certainly, the Ex maps here should work. You won’t need the GOS strings or one of the Brass maps.

I don’t know if anyone’s made specific Dorico maps for JABB and COMB - though I believe they come with some Cubase maps? If you read my document, the process should be the same. JABB has more key switches for things like breath control and vibrato.

I’m currently working on creating SFZ definition files for some of the samples that come with Logic, so I can play them in ARIA for use in Dorico.

Not sure what you mean by ‘pin’. Bookmark?

But you can do what you like with them. They’re designed as the ‘starting point’.

I often find that particular pieces require a change to the maps, or needing to split the GPO Strings map into separate ones for each instrument, etc.

I dare say there are much better libraries, but these days, justifying hundreds of spondoolies just isn’t possible, and GPO is perfectly adequate for a ‘mock-up’. I also like that ARIA uses very few resources so is quick to load, and doesn’t comes with all the impedimenta that things like Kontakt come with. But I digress.

You can ‘pin’ it by bookmarking. Open the ‘…’ menu under the post and you’ll see the bookmark icon where you can save it as a bookmark to your account

All bookmarks can then be accessed under your user menu on the top right


Thank you @benwiggy for taking the time and effort to create expression maps for Garritan Personal Orchestra. Some of us who are migrating to Dorico from Finale have considerable experience with GPO (or at least the subset that comes with Finale) and feel it is still quite capable even though more sophisticated (and expensive) virtual orchestras are now available.

Thanks enormously, @benwiggy. I haven’t yet got seriously involved with Expression Maps, and these will give me the impetus I needed to educate myself.

Thank you @benwiggy, but I cannot import the .doricolib file.
A playback template should have .dorico_pt extension.
How do I load your playback template?


I get this message

These are project files are designed for you to create and save your OWN Endpoints and create your own Playback Template.
You can click through that message.

I am learning now how to do that.
In the meantime will you consider sharing those endpoint configurations and playback templates here?
That would be great!

thanks so much for this, as a finale switcher this is what I need! For the GOS strings like violin, how do we activate the different KS? I’ve tried the marcato text playing technique and it doesn’t do anything for example. As well as all the others like saultille etc…?

Also should we be using notation for everything?