Dorico Expression Maps for GPO5

Import them in the Expressions Editor. You can then save them as defaults.

I’ll take another look at the files; it’s possible the XML needs adjusting.

“Friends of Garritan” seems a bit tumbleweed… :grin:

IMO, there are still some good instruments in GPO: the pianos, harpsichord, organ, harps, percussion; even the woodwind. Brass is a bit tinny, but sometimes useful. And just the sheer range of the GIFF instruments. (E.g. if you’re doing Lucia di Lammermoor and need a Glass Armonica).

The Strings seems weirdly ‘hollow’; possibly from too much EQ processing.

Noteperformer 4 is just round the corner, and MakeMusic seems to have no interest in competing.

Thank you very much! IMHO, the NotePerformer’s string is extremely aggressive when playing soft tones, and the piano sound is slightly distorted. However, NP is more vivid and realistic than others, including Garritan.

How can I save them as defaults? I could not find an option in the expression map.

I have another question: How do I create a playback template for Garritan? I have not read the details of your manual but skimmed it and I could not find the instructions.

Ah, sorry: that’s not right, but it brings me to your next question.

Once you have samples and ex maps assigned to Players, then you can save an Endpoint (which is a collection of players, samples and ex maps.)

You can then build a Playback Template from Endpoints. It’s a bit tedious to create lots of Endpoints, but they give you some flexibility in building the templates, (though you can use Instrument Family Overrides in a similar way.)

I’ll try to create some Playback Templates, to make it easier, though I’ve customised my GPO instruments a bit, which I’ll have to undo.

Here is a Playback Template for GPO5. If you edit the template, you’ll see that it contains 2 Brass Endpoints and a few String Endpoints, which you can re-order, depending on which set of samples you want to use.

GPO5 (304.2 KB) (105.1 KB)

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Thank you very much!

@benwiggy , when I select your latest version of the GPO5 playback template, I get the following message:
Screenshot 2023-04-08 195741
I tried to update my Aria player, but I couldn’t a newer version anywhere?!? Where did you get it?

Ah: the later version is Mac-only (as it’s the ARM build). The version that comes with Finale 27.3 might be later; but there’s no standalone yet.

Is that the PT template file I made the other day?

(This is why I think it’s better to save your own Endpoints from the project files.)

So far I didn’t find the time to dig into the whole art of playback templates, endpoint configurations, Expressions Maps etc.
Therefore I just hoped to be able to get a quick impression of the sounds in Dorico compared to HSO and Noteperformer on my own files.
One day …

Here are revised Playback Templates and/or Expression Maps for GPO5 with Dorico 5.

As above, note that Windows users may not be able to load the VST state, because the Mac version is a higher number. Sadly, this negates a lot of the work I’ve done of selecting instruments for Dorico Players.

In order to make use of Dorico’s Stage and Space templates, I’ve turned off GPO’s Stereo Stage (CC103) in ARIA Player, set the Pan to 12 o’clock, and assigned the Small Studio Convolution (NB: turn off Ambience). You will need to do this if you load your own instruments.

GPO (1.8 MB) (587.2 KB)

GPO Ex (27.8 KB)

Let me know if anything is amiss. Unless there’s a huge outpouring of grief, I’m unlikely to produce many more of these.

Given what can be done with NP4 and other libraries, my interests in Garritan lie in a heavily customized ‘new direction’ – e.g. rewriting the instrument definition files to create improved instruments, using the samples from GPO and other libraries together.
If anyone is interested in ‘advanced Garritan use’, I’m putting together a manual about it.


The audio files do not play when I click on them. Am I doing something wrong? (I am on Windows 11.) Thanks.

Yes: they don’t work for me either. They are a few years old; possibly before the great Forum Shift.

Hi all,
I see these expression maps for J.A.B.B. and GPO5 (I also have GPO4, btw.), I downloaded them but I do not really know what to do with them. Unzip, clearly: but in which directory, or folder, please?
I’m quite a newby here, just bought D5Pro yesterday, doing first steps there, but my aim definitely is to create music the way I used to do when using Sibelius (Ultimate) for many years. (I love huge scores.)
Thankx for informing me.

I’d suggest you watch this Discover Dorico session, which explains all about Expression Maps, Endpoints and Playback Templates. (Even though it’s for a different sample library, the principles are the same.)

Dorico does not behave like Sibelius, so you should accept that the process will be different. Don’t try to use Dorico ‘like it’s’ Sibelius.

Thanks, and please let me know if in this regard anything has changed since then: I’m using Dorico 5 pro, recently purchased.
Yes, that’s understood, of course, Dorico isn’t “another Sibelius”. I was just saying with my question that I used to add Garritan instruments to the legacy Sibelius sound, and there are sound-/expression maps for this purpose. And I’m hoping that once I’ve dug a bit more into Dorico, I will be able to incorporate the Garritan family to the HALion sounds I am currently using exclusively when running Dorico. So after downloading the expression maps for J.A.B.B. and GPO5, I am wondering what to do with those downloads. There’s a lot of stuff being explained in that clip which seems to distract me from the topic I’m pursuing. What’s that thing about “Notation Central” and their Stream deck the clip is advertising? And the speaker is talking too fast in some passages, it’s realy hard to follow for someone who’s not a native speaker of english. Sorry.

You will find a comprehensive set of instructions in the @benwiggy’s GPO Docs zip file. You should also read the expression maps section of the manual together with Endpoints and Playback Templates.

Patience will be required. The learning curve for this topic is quite steep.

“Given what can be done with NP4 and other libraries,…”
talking of D5Pro, I learned that when applying NotePerformer’s playback engines, Dorico’s marvelous “Stage live” is overruled by NP. This is why I might be hesitant to use any of the playback engines that NP4 is offering. (Please correct me if I got that detail wrong.)
And yes, I am very interested in “advanced Garritan use”: I love the crisp horns in J.A.B.B., and GPO 5 has some nice sounding French horns, for example, and quite some percussion.

Thanks for giving me these further links to instructions.
And yes, I bet I have much to learn. After growing “too accustomed” to Sibelius it’s about time for me to “reboot” with Dorico, and I welcome whatever I will learn next.

Here’s some additional GPO5 content!

I’ve created some rudimentary Percussion Maps for the Basic Orchestral Percussion instrument and the “Toys”.

GPO (3.5 KB)

Also an Ex map for Timpani 1, which switches to rolls on a trill.

And here’s updated documentation, including my all new “Advanced ARIA Player” guide, which contains lots of secrets and hard to come by info about using ARIA Player to create your own instruments, and more…
Advanced (3.3 MB)
GPO (1.8 MB)


Thank You!:slightly_smiling_face: